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Mooning in Curacao

Dushi! This is a common word you can hear on the sweet island of Curacao that can mean anything from sweet to nice or good. This was our chosen destination for our honeymoon and we indeed had a glorious time enjoying the sights, food and friendly people. Let me share my experience with you and give you a small guide as to what you should do if you even choose to vacation here. 

Can you see me?

Where to Stay
This is a big question and depends on your budget and what kind of vacation you want. After much searching we choose the Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino. The casino part was not for us but the location within walking distance to Willemstad, the capital was ideal. Not to mention it is near to the Rif Fort which gives some great views of the famous Floating Bridge and is packed with various eating options. Let's not forget the Renaissance Mall with many higher end shops but also quite a few focused on souvenirs. There's a cinema around the corner in case you want a movie. But for the coffee lover like myself a Starbucks is also around the corner as well as a smaller one right within the hotel! 

Renaissance grounds

Outside the Rif Fort, go inside for food and shopping

Places to Visit
Let's start this journey with the heart of the city, Willemstad. Here there are many places to find food and good shopping. Walk across the floating bridge to enjoy both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed the Iguana Cafe that overlooks the water and serves great food. But the nearby streets are great for shopping, so take a stroll and then a bite.

Floating Bridge
The Jewish Synagogue was a must see for my vacation. It is in the heart of the city, within walking distance from the bridge, if you are interested. There is a small museum located on the compound but unfortunately they do not allow pictures within the museum. You can even attend services but be properly dressed. There is also an entrance fee of US $20 per person. Feel free to get yourself some souvenirs at the small shop. All very reasonably priced.

Inside the Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue

Outside the Jewish Museum, these are tombstones
Tour guide demonstrating how to feed the ostriches

The Ostrich Farm was unexpected but a wonderful adventure for me. These are magnificent birds although they have such small brains! Their ability to run fast and the male dancing rituals was some new facts to me. Your tour guide is well informed. You get to stop at various points. One such point is to feed them. You get to stand on an egg which has the ability to hold weight up to 200 pounds. Don't leave without trying something from the restaurant and find more souvenirs to take home.

This was the place I was most excited about; the Curacao Sea Aquarium. There is much to do here but walk with some extra cash for those extra activities like swimming with the dolphins or doing some deep sea diving.
Otherwise for the regular entrance fee you can still do a lot like feed the flamingos, watch the dolphin and sea lion shows, see how they feed the sharks!

When you are finished with the sea aquarium, hop across to the Mambo Beach Boulevard where you can do anything from relax on the beach, fine or casual dining, and more shopping.

I really had a wonderful time but there was so much to see that we weren't able to within the short 5 days we were there. So my advice, take more time if you can. This beautiful island vacation is paradise with the warm waters, mostly sunshiny days and great food. Dushi! 

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza


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