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Going Short like Victoria Beckham: A CocoWig Review

Hello gorgeous! Today’s post is all about the hair. My first experience outside of my real hair was only quite recent for my wedding and I loved having a fuller head of hair than my natural thin, medium length and stringy do. Just a few clip in pieces was enough to make a great impact to my overall look. So here I am again trying to now venture into more styles and this time look at changing my overall appearance with now a wig from CocoWig.

<a href=""><img alt="Capless Straight 8 inches Synthetic Wig" src="130578862_1_m.jpg" title="Capless Straight 8 Inches Synthetic Wig" /></a>

Before I get in to the overall look, let’s do a mini review on the Coco Wig online site and catalogue.
  • Simple navigation with main categories to the top. Each category is broken down more so you can go straight to what you need. For example the African American Wigs section you can quickly choose between the style, texture, material, length and even cap construction.
  • For those who like to follow trends and the stars, go to the More Celebrity section. I particularly love the Halle Berry styles.
  • Once you find a style you are interested in, narrow down by colour, size and number you want.
  • Sale, sale, sale! You know us ladies love a good sale and this site is crowded with good discounts and sale items.
  • If synthetic is not for you, go straight to the human hair section dedicated to just that.
  • Payment is simple and there are lots of options available.
  • And lastly, there are lots of items available for FREE shipping and yes, FREE gifts for any purchase.

Ok so back to me choosing a wig. This was not an easy task to choose. There were so many options available but since I usually go with medium to long hair at all times, I decided to look at the short and I mean short hair options. Victoria Beckham has been one of those celebrities I admire greatly for her character and roles as a mother, wife, business woman and fashion diva! So I was instantly drawn to her simple look but it’s yet a bit messy and playful with this short, almost super pixie cut. Even her makeup is usually simple, sometimes smoky eyes, nude lips and glowing skin.

This particular wig is synthetic so its shape and style is more or less set to how it is sold. It is 8 inches long but longer in the back with bangs to the front. For smaller heads like me, you can choose a size of petite and of course you have multiple colour options. I prefer lighter to medium browns but to get Victoria’s look, choose a darker brown, almost black colour. Wear with style and flair!
Find it here; Wig classified as: Short African American wigs or Short hairstyle

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza

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