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For the Love of Cupcakes and My Top 5 YouTube Bakers

Who doesn't love dessert? I normally miss out on it since well my stomach is usually quite full after the main course. I normally need like a half hour delay before I can dig into my dessert. Lately I have been delving into the world of baking and finding so many lovely recipes to test out. Mind you my busy schedule doesn't permit much of that but I can always find the time to watch a video or two on the good old YouTube. So if you are a budding baker like myself, here are a few YouTube Cake and Baking Gurus to follow along and learn more.

1. Wilton: Since Wilton is my favorite brand for baking implements, they were my first choice in the baking world. Their YouTube playlists are populated with how-to's which was very helpful for my beginner tips and tricks. I also love the videos showing the multiple ways to use their tips. I get a little tip crazy whenever I go shopping! I'll show you my Wilton collection some other time :)

2. Rosanna Pansino : I found her while watching Wilton videos! Rosanna has a sparky personality and is the host of Nerdy Nummies. Her videos are quite creative yet simple to understand. I do enjoy when she shows me further how to use some of those Wilton products that I have and have no clue how to use.

3. CupcakeJemma : This girl is amazing. The British accent adds a nice complement to her tips and tricks. I started off watching the basics but the behind the scenes video of the bakery is what really drew me in. To further add to my Wilton collection I definitely wanted to get the triple coupler but this girl made these rainbow swirls all in one bag. It shows her creativity with or without tools. Take a look at the video below.

4. How to Cake It : Creativity galore. I just watch these videos and marvel. I am nowhere near her skill level of 1 gazillion. I can't even begin to describe the masterpieces she puts out. You just have to go see for yourself.  

5. Cake Style: Who doesn't love Peppa Pig? I know one day my niece is going to ask me to do so and while browsing I found this video on Cake Style. I love the classy nature of the host and her mad piping skills.

My list is in no where exhaustive and YouTube is filled with other great bakers and dessert makers but trust me with these 5 you are sure to be entertained for a long while. I'm really excited to try out some of their recipes and to use their tips and tricks as my own to enhance my skills and be a better baker and cupcake decorator! Oh that rhymes :)
Feel free to leave your best YouTube bakers in the comments below. I'm off to bake something.

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza


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