Sunday, 20 December 2015

The China Culinary Experience Part II

I have more food to share with you today. China is just brimming over with food to suit all taste buds. Take a journey with me as I venture outside of the hotel for more food adventures. 

Chili Fish Dish
A real authentic Chinese food experience is what the people of China wants for you to experience. Unfortunately I couldn't read the name of the place and remember its English name but oh I had an amazing time. For ordering, there are models of the food so you can see what they look like and my translator would gladly inform me as to what exactly the dish contained. See what is good and order it! Easy. What I loved about this place was right behind the food models was the kitchen and you could see most of the dishes being made on the spot. Everything was clean and I enjoyed seeing the process of hand making the dumpling packages. 
Depending on the dish you ordered, it was presented to you in stoneware. There was something about the earthiness of the pottery that made me feel like they took extra care in each bowl.

There were unique twist on food as well; think fruit in a warm sauce and tofu in a sweet and cold sauce served as a dessert. Who knew tofu could be a dessert?

Steak and eggs. Yes please! I was taken to a more modern place and the hospitality from the entrance to your exit was tremendous. Piping hot, off the grill was how they served my steak and while it was a bit too hot to handle right away, the taste was just scrumptious. I finished off my meal with an interesting twist on coffee, served with whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. 

Now let's talk about the live markets that usually had a restaurant close by. You can choose your food. That is the concept here. So everything you eat is quite fresh. Variety was not lacking. In this city, there were lots of seafood and the odd fat frog or two. Nope, I didn't try the frog! 

The night dining was also amazing. I did love seeing the food being cooked in front of me. Interestingly enough I was fascinated with their white rice. Its texture was sticky yet chewy. If I could have, I would have brought back a bag of rice with me! 
So China, sweet and tasty China; it was delightful dining with you. 

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza


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