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Design Your Own Clutch with K.Fensom Trinidad

What could be better than having a clutch designed for you with your input and then named after you? Well nothing of course! And this was exactly what I got with this local designer and entrepreneur; K.Fensom Trinidad

The Experience:
  • Using her Facebook page, the designer posts some of her creations but each piece is unique and some can be customized for your needs. So I contacted her and indicated which piece I was interested in as the first step. 
  • So with the basic construction down, you now choose fabric patterns and in this case I opted for a floral print with pink and purple that are my favourite colours. I also had to decide on the colour of the trim; either white or black. I choose a black trim for a more elegant look and since white is a bit harder to keep clean :)
  • It took about 2 weeks to complete this piece and she contacted me once again on Facebook and via Watsapp to indicate its readiness and to organize collection. 
  • Your package is neatly wrapped with care to ensure it's not contaminated in the handling process. 
Back View

Inside View

Side panel

The Review:
  • This clutch is made of faux suede on the inside, cotton (fabric print on outside front and back panels) and nylon (edge trimming). It is fully lined with a magnetic closure. 
  • The inside of the clutch is pure black which is perfect for me since I can add in makeup items and in case of any spills, the fabric being like a suede is easy to clean up and being black would look less noticeable with stains. 
  • The volume on the inside is enough to hold a large wallet (my Nine West), smart phone (my Samsung S4), face powder compact, powder puff, lipstick and car keys. 
  • One magnetic closure is located to the front of the clutch but it was enough to secure all of my belongings (listed above) without any (especially the smaller items) from falling out. 
  • However I did miss an inner pocket to hide things like loose change and for my next design I will request such. 
  • I paired this clutch with a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit which made it the star of the show with its pops of colour. It is also quite versatile in that it's a dressy piece to add to any of my church outfits. Be prepared to turn heads with your designer clutch. 

Full Clutch

Here's a sample of some of their other collection pieces. 

To design your own piece or simply choose from stock clutches and other handmade tote bags visit their Facebook PageYouTube Channel or Instagram

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza


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