Friday, 27 September 2013

Matching Nail Art with EyeChi Eyewear

I'm super excited to share with you a wonderful invention from EyeChi that is making its debut on the blog today. How would you feel about taking your nail art and its techniques and applying them on your eye wear? EyeChi makes this possible through their interchangeable EyeNailed It! Manicure'able slides for sunglasses which you can custom design just like your nail art.

Synergist: These sunglasses are made of a very lightweight material and have polarised lens. This pair is called Synergist Flex E which is brown in color with a slight tortoise shell pattern but these sunglasses do come overall in 6 frame colors: brown, white, black, yellow green, pink and red. The arms of the sunglasses contains the grooves for your slides to fit into them snuggly.  

Slides: In case you don't want to paint your own slides, there is also an array of interchangeable slide inserts to suit your mood. But for the nail artists like myself, go ahead and treat the blank slides as you would your nails. Prep them with a base coat, apply your polish, clean up the edges and finish up with a good top coat. You can even stamp on them or adorn them with glitters and gems.

Tutorial: Plush Leopard Print
  1. You are painting the side that does not have the prints of R or L. The sides to be painted has the grooves for inserting into the side slides of your eyewear. Go ahead and paint these a nude base colour like CND Vinylux Impossible Plush. I used two coats. Allow to dry fully.
  2. Using a sparkly brown shade like Hard Candy Crush on Lava apply random spots on top of the nude base color. Allow to dry fully.
  3. Using a black stripper brush polish like Quo for Orly Instant Artist in Black, paint "C" shapes or half "C" shapes around the brown spots. 
  4. Add some more random black spots in any empty spaces.
  5. Seal with a top coat. 
  6. Make sure to clean up any polish that gets into the grooves.
Picture Tutorial
Now all you have to do is follow the same tutorial just using your nails as your canvas instead and voila!

So you see, in the words of EyeChi; Nail art is not just for nails anymore :)

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza

*Some of the products in this post were provided by the company for my use and review. 
All opinions are truly my own.


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