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Sultry Sacha & the Matte Me Lippies

Lippies galore today. I'm super excited to show you some new shades of lipsticks from Sacha Cosmetics and their Matte Me line. As far back as I can remember, I adored red lipstick and this seemed to be the color of choice for both my mom and grandmom! I've since branched out into loving more colours but always seem to go back to my reds, so it was awesome to find some gorgeous reds in this new line. Let's begin with this epic lipstick review! 

Let's talk about these darker colors above starting with the top left hand shade and moving clockwise:
  • Matte Me Ebony. This one is for the purple lovers! It's a dark rick purple with blue undertones. It's not for everyday wear (for me) but would be perfect with when you want to rock some statement lips. Wear with a simple cat eyeliner and black mascara.
  • Matte Me Red. For the red lipstick girl like me. This is a gorgeous blue tone red. It is deeper and less shiny than Matte Me Ruby.
  • Matte Me Wine. This wine shade has a golden sheen. It is a dark, vampy color so again not for everyday wear but more for that "making a statement" lip.
  • Matte Me Ruby. A classic red with orange undertones that is more shiny than matte.

These are the lighter shades that are more for an everyday wear:
  • Matte Me Mandarine (soft orange). This shade is not as bright as it appears in the tube. On my pigmented lips they are very wearable even for everyday wear. This color is buildable with a subtle sheen and creamy texture.
  • Matte Me Coral. This shade is a cross between a pink and red shade. This is definitely an everyday wearable shade.
  • Matte Me Nude. Every girl needs a good nude color and this one has pink undertones to make it work well with many skintones. See how it looks with my Neutral Glam makeup.
  • Matte Me Yours (orangey brown). This is an interesting shade. On olives skintones it does appear more wearable almost like a soft nutmeg color but it can appear brighter and more orange on fairer skintones.

And because this one is super special to me, meet Matte Me Fuschia. It's a vibrant pink with a soft frosty sheen that reminds me of hibiscus. You would have seen this used in my Summer Sunset makeup look.

In summary, these Matte Me lipsticks are nicely pigmented with a good mix of bold, classic and neutral colors so you have a wide range of choices for almost any look. They do seem to not all be true matte shades since some do have a sheen or glossier finish. 

My favorites are Matte Me Wine for that dark sultry evening look, Matte Me Ruby for the classic red Marilyn Monroe look and Matte Me Fuschia for some Caribbean flair. What are yours? :)

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza

*Some of the products in this post were provided by the company for my use and review. All opinions are truly my own.

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