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Sparkles and Shines from Mont Bleu

Hola chicas! This one is for all you girly girls out there who love to see the sparkles. Bling in everything. When I was younger I yearned for a be-dazzler to just add rhinestones to everything. Well needless to say I didn't get one but today I can get my bling on nevertheless with these gorgeous, bling-tastic items from Mont Bleu. 

Since I adore nail art, and nail care is a part of my daily routine, let's start with these embellished glass nail files. 
Both the regular sized and mini nail files are made of tempered glass and are decorated with Swarovski crystal elements. These files are gritty enough to get your desired shape yet are gentle on the nails. The points of the files are tapered to go around corners and are sharp enough to use to remove the occasional cuticle that sneaks up on the top of the nail bed. I've even been able to use the nail file tip to remove cuticle from under the nail bed. 

And let's talk about these babies being such a conversational piece! The stunning crystals are sure to catch the eyes of your friends and coworkers! I've been carrying the mini file in my daily makeup bag and if ever I use it and leave on my desk, it is the first thing to be noticed around the pile of work. 
This hand decorated tweezers is not just pretty but does quite an effective job in removing those pesky, unwanted eyebrow hairs. It's tip is slanted to reach and pluck out those stray hairs for a perfect eyebrow shape. It's made with stainless steel for durability. And for the nail artist who wants to bling out their design; using tweezers for rhinestone application is a must.

Where would a girl be without some jewelry? Mont Bleu also has an array of gorgeous jewelry fitting for just about any occasion. 

These crystal earrings are simple and elegant. They make a perfect pair for the office. These are covered with a hypo allergic metal while the crystal itself is a Swarovski element with a crystal size of 6mm. 
The shamballa bracelet is simple elegance. It comes with 11 crystal beads that are 10mm large, all attached to a macrame knotted waxed cord. The initial size of the bracelet was suitable for my small hands, but one can easily adjust to suit. This bracelet comes nicely packaged in a leatherette case which makes it perfect to give as a present :)

Here's another perfect present! This crystal embellised compact mirror is definitely a present worthy of a beauty lover. It comes boxed just like the shamballa bracelet within a leatherette covered giftbox. It is oval in shape with the crystals on the outside top face of the mirror. Inside the compact you will find two mirrors: standard and magnifying. This would make a wonderful addition to your purse and in my case, daily makeup bag :)

For more information on these and other items from the Mont Bleu line, be sure to visit their website, sent then a tweet or check out their facebook page!

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza

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