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Going to Boot Camp with The Skin Regime

Hello Beautiful! Today I'm embarking on another new venture for Bellezza Bee. Let's talk about skincare. It's a wide topic since it varies so much with age, genetics, sensitivity, diet and lifestyle and so much more. I've been lucky to have rather good skin from birth throughout my teenager years and in my early twenties. Now that I have hit the big 30 that seem to all change. I now notice the wrinkles forming, the pimples appearing regularly and even some dullness. It's time I really put some effort into my skincare routine so it was indeed a pleasure to encounter Dana Ramos and her amazing book The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin. 

It was truly an eye opening moment for me to read Dana's own story about her skin while staring at the untouched picture of how she appeared now after undertaking her own boot camp. What.... she had acne? And melasma? No way!

So how did she create and how can I create a new skin? The secret is in glycolic acid, the weapon in chemical peels.What is glycolic acid? It's an alphahydroxy acid or for us chemists, it's name is 2-Hydroxyethanoic acid. Basically this acid reacts with the layers of the skin's epidermis and causes dead skin cells to be exfoliated from this layer allowing fresh new skin to shine through.

So how was my journey through the Boot Camp? Well first I embarked on properly reading through the book, and actually some chapters a few times more, until I properly understood everything I needed to know about how she achieves such amazing skin. As well as be reminded of a few things I know but simply ignored lately, like using sunscreen! 

So for my first peel this was my experience:
- I washed my face with a washcloth and Dove beauty bar, then prepped the skin with rubbing alcohol.
- Using a glycolic peel at 30% with a pH of 2.1, I soaked a cotton ball with the solution and applied over the face and down the neckline, avoiding the eyes. 
- I immediately noticed the stinging sensation of the peel, which was a bit uncomfortable for me initially. I keep the peel solution on for 3 minutes and then washed it off with my Dove bar and room temperature water.
- The stinging sensation was cooled off by its removal but I still had a lingering, tingling feeling afterwards.
- I completed the process by applying a moisturiser and eye cream to the face. I could immediately feel the different in my skin. It felt smooth even though it was a bit flushed from the peel. 
- The day after revealed smoother, fresher looking skin with less visible pores! I didn't experience any redness or irritation afterwards. Actually it seems to improve the condition of any pimples I had prior to the peel. Take a look for yourself :)

To see more about The Skin Regime and to show them some love, visit their Website, Facebook page, Twitter or sign up for their newsletter. Stay tuned for my next update on my skin care journey.

Dell'amore e Della Bellezza


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