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Scorching Hot New Sacha Cosmetics Nail Polishes

Hello Beautiful! Today I am super excited to be able to share with you a dedicated post on some new shades of Sacha Cosmetics nail polishes. Sacha and I go way back to my teenager years which is how long I have been using this brand and its cosmetics line. I absolutely love their Nail Fusion stripper brush polishes so let's see how much I enjoyed these new shades.

Let's start first on packaging. These bottles are similar to those of OPI's and holds 15ml of product. It has a standard size brush (not too big or too small) so it is ideal for my smaller sized nails. This is a total overhaul to what the previous nail polish bottles looked like. These bottles look sleek and sophisticated.

As for the formula, for me it is the right consistency for application. The polish is thin enough to flow smoothly onto the nail bed but does not pool at the sides. However it's good to note that the fluidity may vary with each shade, for example I found the creme colours to be a bit thicker than the shimmers. The polish dries relatively fast but you may need more than one coat for proper application and complete opacity. This polish lasted my one week of wear with minimal chipping before I changed it again.

Now onto the shades themselves!

The Cremes:  
Barefoot in D Sand

Barefoot in D Sand is a favorite of mine! It's true to its name being a soft sand colour. This colour is a great alternative to white polish which may appear too harsh on medium to dark skin tones. Two coats were needed for complete opacity. 

Dance to D Beat

Dance to D Beat is a hot pink creme. Because I am a lover of pink I may be a bit biased to this shade ;) This formula is a bit thicker than the others so that one thick coat of this polish may give you full opacity.

Scorching Hot

Scorching Hot is like a red hot cayenne pepper! This creme shade is a classic red that would be perfect with any outfit. It is a bit sheer for a red polish and even with 3 coats you can still see my nail line but the gorgeous shine and colour certainly makes up for that.

Forbidden Fudge

Forbidden Fudge is a gorgeous dark brown creme that reminds me of melting caramel on top of an ice cream sundae! Two coats gives complete coverage.

Thriller in D Dark

Thriller in D Dark is a super dark purple creme, that comes across as being almost black in the bottle. This colour is perfect for those Gothic nail inspired art. One thick coat can give you complete coverage but I prefer two thinner coats to get a smoother finish. 

The Shimmers: 

Glacier is a shimmery seafoam green that looks blue yet green depending on the reflects in the light. It is said to be the most popular colour out of the new shades. This is a very sheer colour so needs at least 3 coats and you still see the brush strokes after application. 

Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn is a sky blue with soft shimmer. This colour reminds me of open skies at the beach and so would make the perfect beach toes colour. Here I use three coats for complete opacity. 

 Knock Out Punch

Knock out Punch is an stunning shimmery forest green. It is one of my favourites colours from this set and looks gorgeous on my medium dark skin tone. Two coats were all that I needed for complete coverage.

 The Wrap Up

Wow! So we have completed 8 beautiful colours with interesting names from the new set of Sacha polishes. Just to note that Sacha Cosmetics currently has 38 shades overall in their nail polish line with 12 being new shades. So with that said, I'm off to find the other 4 new shades :)


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*Products in this post were provided by the company for my use and review. All opinions are truly my own.


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