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Nail Challenge Day 28: Inspired by your Favorite Color

What's your favorite color? I have two; pink and purple. But lately it seems like I prefer the purple shades for nail art. So for today's design I'm incorporating two of my purple shades for a simple yet stunning look. And it's easy to achieve too! Simply stamp a rich deep purple over a lilac base.

Nail Challenge Day 27: Inspired by Me :)

When I think about nail art and how far I have come along I am reminded of my love for the colours purple and pink along with being called the gradient queen since I am obsessed with ombre nails. So how about we create a look incorporating all these things?

Nail Challenge Day 26: Inspired by Your Country

Come join me to watch the sunset together down here in the Caribbean. I love my tropical islands for all the exotic beautiful it holds. I particularly love seeing the colourful sunsets that are particularly beautiful in Tobago which is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Nail Challenge Day 25: Inspired by your Childhood

Hello beautiful! This manicure is taking me down memory lane to when I first remembered nail polish and how both my mom and grandmother loved red nail polish. Red was always the colour of choice and as a child for a while I believed that there was no other colour of pol ish . This design is dedicated to my mater nal grandmother who in addition to l oving red nail polish, also loved gold jew elry. Here I'm using the new Sacha Cosmetics Pure Jew els to add some gold to my design :)

Scorching Hot New Sacha Cosmetics Nail Polishes

Hello Beautiful! Today I am super excited to be able to shar e with you a dedicated post on some new shades of Sacha Cosmetics nail polishes . Sacha and I go way back to my teenager years which is how long I have been using this brand and its cosmetics line . I ab solutely love their Nail F usion stripper brush polishes so let's see how much I enjoyed these new shades.

Nail Challenge Day 24: Inspired by a Game

Dominoes anyone? As a child I remember playing this game alot with my late uncle who ha d a gorgeous set of i vory dominoes he ha d purch ased from his exotic travels. The game it self is fun but I al so love to see when you stack them in long rows and set them off all falling down .

Nail Challenge Day 23: Inspired by Nature

Na ture is so amazing! You can find so many sources of inspiration and if you are like me, I am constantly fascinated learning about how things in nature works. Lately it has been so hot here and we recently ha d so many bush fires that I thought it appropriate to bring out some hot , gl owing colours for my fire inspired nature nail de sign :)

Nail Challenge Day 22: Inspired by Fabric

Fabric inspired! Oh my brown and green little printed dress has inspired today's design :)

T&T Hair and Beauty Tradeshow 2013

Who doesn't love a tradeshow? This is my second year at the T&T Hair and Beauty Tradeshow a t the Capital Plaza. It w as once aga in a 3 day event (May 4-6th) and unlike last year when I popped in on the Saturday , I attended on the Sunday ins tead . Oh boy was it ev er so busy with the room filled with pa trons tha t it was just a bit diff icult to properly scan each booth. Nevertheless I did get a chan ce to capture some wonderful moments that I would love to share with you. Let's begin :)

Nail Challenge Day 21: Mystical Mermaid Merge

I've been crazy about gradient nails from the first time I've tried this DIY nail art design. So here I am again using a gradient design which essentially is nail colors merged i nto one color base and then to make this special I'm tur ning this into some mysti cal mermaid nails :) Would you like to see a tutorial?

Nail Challenge Day 20: Texture

I have been loving e verything textural lately for nail art. I'm talking studs, fluffy po w ders, c aviar beads and just plain old texture polish. For this challenge I thought I would do just a simple design utilising some beautiful gold c ircle and square studs available at Nail Art Supplie s TT & More :)

Nail Challenge Day 19: Favorite Polish

What is your favo rite polish? While I have a lot of favo rites, the re is one true beauty I constantly go back to and her name is Ruby; China G laze Ruby Pumps to be exact :)

Nail Challenge Day 18: Oldest Untried Polish

I have a very shor t attention span for any nail polish since there is always a newer, more excit ing collection or shades waiting to be swatched and used in nail art. But sometimes it's good to shop in your stash to rediscover some amazing colours you already have :)