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Strawberries and Grapes

Let's take a walk through a strawberry field and when we are done with that, let's head on down to a vineyard. Today's look incorporates soft, subtle colours of pinks and purples to create a neutral look with a pop of colour. Eating strawberries and drinking wine!!!

Get the Look!

Perfect the Face
1. The face was perfected using CaraMia Cosmetics Foundation. I had two shades; one too light and one too dark. So what do you do? Simple, create your own custom mix to get your perfect shade. Get yourself a stainless steel mixing palette (or use the back of an old CD!) and use a foundation colour that is your perfect match as a colour guide.
2. Cover up those spots with CaraMia concealer in Medium. What I like about this concealer is that it looks like a lipstick and if it is your personal tube then you can simply dab it right onto the spot.
3. Seal your foundation and concealer in with a dusting of CaraMia face powder in Medium.

The Eyes Have it!
4. Use your favourite eye primer to ensure your eyeshadow pops and stays in place all day.
5. Apply the lightest shade from the CaraMia GrapeVine eyeshadow trio to your inner tear duct area to 1/3 of your eyelid. Also apply this shade as your highlight colour; blend downwards.
6. Think pop of colour to the middle of the eyelid but instead of using a traditional pink eyeshadow, reach for that super bright pink blush from CaraMia called Magic Strawberry. In this look we used just a subtle wash of the pink and concentrated the colour in the centre of the lid blending softly into the GrapeVine shade and outer V.
7. Using the brown shades of the CaraMia trio in Earth Secrets, the outer V was defined to bring some depth to the eye look. The browns were also softly blended in the crease to ensure it merged with both the pink and highlight colours. Lightly line the bottom lash line with lightest brown.
8. The brown was also used to shape and define the brows.
9. Complete the eyes with a line of black gel liner, macara and a natural pair of eyelashes. I'm using Eylure Naturalites 116 which adds length to short lashes.

Cheeky cheeks
10. The brown shades in the CaraMia Earth Secrets trio is so versatile and perfect for contour the face. Here it was used to slim the nosebridge and emphasis the cheekbones.
11. What else but the CaraMia Magic Strawberry blush was used to add a pink flush to the cheeks. Apply with a stippling brush or very softly with a regular blush brush since this blush is super pigmented.

Lippie Love!
12. With thin lips like mine, a lipliner is a must. Define the lips using CaraMia Ruby lipliner.
13. Apply CaraMia lipstick in Drama Queen all over the lips.
14. Finish your pout with a touch of CaraMia Shimmer lipgloss to the centre of your lips.

It feels so good to enjoy makeup produced locally here in Trinidad and Tobago. The prices are very reasonable and they work excellent with Caribbean skintones. Don't be afraid to go local. I'm off to enjoy my strawberries and grapes!

Photography by Maria Dook Photography


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*Some of the products in this post were provided by the company for my use and review. All opinions are truly my own.


  1. gorgeous..... whats the cost for these plz..

    1. Hello gorgeous, not sure of these prices since they were sent to me for review. will have to check out for you.

  2. Ooh you look so fierce! Beautiful, Naomi!


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