Thursday, 29 November 2012

I'm Ready with Bare Minerals

Hello Beautiful! I've been a busy bee lately but found an amazing brand to complement my currently busy lifestyle. I've finally ventured into mineral makeup but this time it is in a solid form so it's easy to work with when you are on the go. Let's meet the Bare Mineral Ready Foundation, Touch Up Veil and Bronzer. 

My trio of goodies were part of the customizable face case where you get to choose your 3 complexion perfectors. You can choose a foundation; either the original, matte or Ready foundation. Next choose a finishing powder; either the mineral veil or touch up veil. Complete your trio by choosing either a bronzer, blush, luminizer, all over face colour or radiance. All wrapped up in a gorgeous face case. The case is large enough to hold all 3 items and much more.

The packaging of the products themselves are exquisite. Each perfector comes in a box that give you the names on one side and the item description on the other. The face of the box actually opens upwards revealing a little note about the product.

The compacts are sleek with a velvety feel to them. So what is so special about BareMinerals is that it contains SeaNutritive Mineral complex which is composed of positively charged sea minerals with antioxidants and wonderful oils. The foundation contains rose hip seed oil which is rich in Vitamins A and C and is great for skin care. The finishing powder has grapeseed oil and the bronzer has carrot oil. 
The foundation is said to hydrate and replenish throughout the day while diminishing the appearance of pores, and the touch up veil is to reduce shine for a flawless finish. 

My first experience and week of use with the products were nothing but spectacular. The foundation gives light to medium coverage. You can apply more for a heavy coverage but I thought this made the face look a bit cakey. I suggest using a concealer to hide any spots or dark areas and then apply a light buff of the foundation. Another great benefit of this foundation is that it is SPF 20. 
As for the touch up mineral veil it is SPF 15. It does give a flawless finish. The formula does have a slight scent to it and it gives a luminous glow to the face. If you touch your face at this point, you can feel how smooth it is. 
As for the bronzer the texture is again smooth and I use it simply to contour my face lightly. Overall the use of all 3 products give a smooth finish and it truly reduces shine throughout the day. My makeup looks pretty fresh at the end of my work day with just a tad bit of shine at the tip of my nose. It's like wearing makeup but without it being noticeable. I was truly impressed by Bare Minerals and getting free goodies at the end of my purchase made it even better. 

Have you tried Bare Mineral yet? Did you love it as much as I did? 

Happy Bare Minerals!
Bellezza Bee

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