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Road Trip to Tres Belle Cosmetique

It's been a while since I last took a road trip when the sole purpose was to find a specific beauty destination. Let's meet Tres Belle Cosmetique together! Not only was I finding the location of their new store but it was an honour to meet the team and celebrate their one year anniversary at the same time!

So let's find the store together. They are located on the El Soccoro Main Road, San Juan at Chanka's Court. Don't worry about parking, you can sure find a nice spot. Now enter the store with me!

It's a haven, filled with a wall of beauty items ranging from brush sets, handbags, nail art supplies and makeup. For those of you wondering where can I get ELF products, well look no further since there are huge amounts of ELF items here from the popular brushes, to lip glosses and nail polish. 

I'm a huge fan of the ELF brushes but in case you want to go big and get yourself an entire arsenal of brushes, find yourself one of these brush sets. If it was up to me I would choose the pink ones :)

So you have the brushes and need a large makeup set to go with that? Check. They have that covered too! Eyeshadow and blush palettes at reasonable prices easily make these some of their best selling items.

So you're not a professional makeup artist (like me) and it would be difficult to pack a large palette in your work bag (purposely looking away and whistling)? Well them check out DaVinci Cosmetics. You can try out a stack or just choose a particular colour to suit your fancy. Besides the eye makeup, they carry their skincare products and lipglosses. Tres Belle Cosmetique is the sole distributor for this brand here in T&T.

Tres Belle Cosmetique is not just about makeup, it caters for the nail addicts too! Here you can find the ELF line of polishes in an array of colours. But my most favourite discovery was their nail art brush set. This is the first place here in Trinidad where I was able to find a set like this in different shapes and sizes of brushes perfect for my nail art challenges.

And while we are on the topic of nails, don't miss out on your chance to meet the Tres Belle Cosmetique team at the Caribbean Nail and Beauty Trade Show on November 4-5th, 2012 at the Centre of Excellence.

So you think I'm done now right? Wrong. This place also has costume jewelry ladies. You're sure to find a piece to suit your style.

In addition to their product range, at the store one can get mehendi, a makeover or expand your skills with a makeup class at their studio.
Tres Belle Cosmetique is always looking out at expanding their range of products and services with the customer in mind. 

For more information you can visit their facebook page: Tres Belle Cosmetique. A special thanks to Nadia and Rey Gosein.

  Happy Tres Belle Cosmetique!

Find me on Twitter or Facebook! I would love to have you there!


  1. That store looks like heaven. Gorgeous stuff. Do they have any other branches?

    1. Don't think so. But maybe if you contact them on fb they might deliver.

  2. omg scream and dies, ohhh wish i can touch.

  3. :O I wish they had a branch in south!

  4. omg this store looks amazing!!!!

  5. Did visit and it is a very beautiful & neat store, lovely service and I luv how everything was available to be viewed and bought as is..great road trip review Naomi :)


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