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Nail Challenge Day 11: Friday Polka Dots

Wow! We are into the patterns now! This nail challenge is moving along nicely. If you remember my rainbow nails or black & white ones you probably already know I love polka dots! Any sizes or colours, they are just simple to do and really easy for you DIY nail junkies! Here's my latest version using one of my favourite pinks, OPI Pink Friday.

I used two coats of the Nicki Minaj inspired colour as my base. Here's what it looks like on its own.

So it's really simple. I used a medium size dotting tool for the bigger dots and alternated them with smaller ones the size of a pin. These are actually also made with a dotting tool.

Stay tuned for Day 12: Stripes and be sure to stop by Jayne's blog Cosmetic Proof and Traci's blog DrinkCitra to see what gorgeous designs they also created for this challenge! 

Happy Polka Dots!

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