Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nail Challenge Day 10: Blue Black Gradient Nails

Just when I thought my Rainbow nails were my favourite so far in the challenge, along came the gradient nails and replaced my love in an instant. I couldn't believe how stunning the combination of black and blue would look together. It's a truly simple design that is very popular with the DIY nail polish crowd. 

You basically just need an opaque black polish; here I'm using Nabi Cosmetics Black which has a really thick formula and is opaque in one coat. Next you sponge on a bright blue colour from the tips to halfway up the nail bed to form your gradient.

Stay tuned for Day 11: Polks Dot Nails and be sure to stop by Jayne's blog Cosmetic Proof and Traci's blog DrinkCitra to see what gorgeous designs they also created for this challenge! 

Happy Gradient Nails!
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