Sunday, 26 August 2012

Purple Glitter Nails

Hello beautiful! This post was inspired by one of you! Yes Jennesia, this one is for you! When you asked if I was ambidextrous the answer was clearly no. In nail art though, practice makes perfect and so it can feel like you are after a while. And if you are not (like I am) these nails are great to show off some nail art anyway. 

But first let me show you this gorgeous purple colour, it's called Fig from Sinful Colors. I've had it for a while but this is the first time using it. I'm still a bit disturbed by all the Sinful Colors recent drama but I know they were doing their best to resolve the situation. 

What I love about this is not just the colour but the fact that it's almost fully opaque in one coat. The consistency of the formula is great since the polish flows smoothly, doesn't pool at the side of the nail and no bubbles in the polish. 

So to get these glittery purple nails, you find whatever dark or deep purple colour of your chose as your base. Apply as many coats necessary for opaque colour. Next I pour some glittery lilac coloured polish (Makeup Cherimoya in Platinum Step 3) into a well of my painter's palette. I dip a cosmetic sponge into this colour and apply sponging onto the nails from the tips upwards creating a gradient effect. Apply your favourite top coat to complete the look. I'm really loving Orly's Glosser.

The nails on my left hand are a bit longer in length than my right hand at this time but they are usually both the same length. With this sponging method you can take your time to apply onto your non-dominant hand and have excellent results. Here is my right hand to show my results. The clean up is a little bit harder for me to get right into the cuticles but the overall effect of the nail design looks comparable to my other hand.

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to ask me any question or send in a nail art request anytime!

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Happy Purple Glitter!
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