Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emancipation Day Nails

Hello beautiful! Happy Emancipation Day from all of Trinidad and Tobago!!! It's basically a day to celebrate the emancipation of African slaves. According to our Emancipation Support Committee this year marks their 20th anniversary as a committee as we move into the 50th anniversary of our independence as a nation. So celebrations were held all over the island and I wanted to show my support and love for my country once again in the form of these nails inspired by African designs. 

As you can tell I used alot of earth tones for this design. Of course there some really gorgeous colourful African prints and designs that I absolutely love. I'll save that for another time!

To get this design you basically want to start off with a caramel colour base. I used China Glaze Classic Caramal. I think Kalahari Kiss would work well too. 

Next add a medium brown colour as your secondary base but in different designs over the caramel colour. Don't fully cover the caramel in other words. I used strips and blocks with China Glaze Street Chic. 

Once you have that down, next you want to bring out the acrylics paints in dark brown and mustard to create zig zag patterns, lines and almost squares! It's up to you here to use your creativity. 

Seal in everything with your favorite top coat and you're done! Go show off your emancipated nails! 

Happy Emancipation Day!

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