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Corset or Sneakers Nails? You decide (with tutorial)

What does a corset have to do with sneakers? Well nothing really but have you ever had an idea in your head that you couldn’t quite translate in reality? This is what happened to me here. I wanted to do some simple corset nails but the choice of colours as well as the technique has me thinking it looks more like sneakers to me. You decide. 

So first off, and for the original idea of a sexy corset I choose to go with a red base using the famous Ruby Pumps from China Glaze. This red is a classic colour with gorgeous shimmer to wow! 

Next you want to use either a thin stripper brush black polish or black acrylic paints to create semicircles starting from top to bottom on either side of you nail. It should look like this.

Then just fill the semicircles in with your black. 

Next using some white polish or acrylic paint in my case, add four dots in the middle of each semi-circle. At this point they look like little vests without the ties. 

Now connect the dots in a criss cross pattern. This is where I feel the corset went off for me. In a real corset you want to make the top connections larger going into smaller (to represent the tighter waistline), and then back out larger again. In sneakers, all of your criss cross lines can be the same. I also feel the white is a bit too harsh against the black and red, so maybe I should have used black instead to make this design sultrier. Oh well! 

So just add your top coat and you’re done! 

Happy Corsets! Or Sneakers!

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  1. They are so cool! I think it could either way. I can see them as sneakers or corsets. :]
    I've heard a lot about Ruby Pumps too, it's beautiful!
    You're so good at nail art and you have really nice nails! I wish I had nails like that, haha.

    1. Thank you Kerry. I really love Ruby Pumps! gorgeous colour with sparkle.

  2. With the Olympics going on, I'm feeling it from a more sporty vibes..luv the look <3

  3. I love this. Im going to try this next week. Thanks for sharing!1

  4. with Ruby Pumps? definitely sexy lingerie! :)

    1. haha! this reminds me of when you had that black sexy polish!

  5. wow this is so amazing. Thanks for the step by step pictures you always make it look so easy.

    1. oh no problem! let me know if you do this for yourself! would love to see

  6. love it!!made my friend get ruby pumps the other day she loves it

    1. oh yes! it's my go to red actually! can't seem to find another red that i love better

  7. Wow amazing!! Found you on BlogLoveTherapy :-) Following!

    Follow back if you like:


  8. Awesome!
    You're so talented!!!

  9. Hmm looks like a corset. However, i would love to see the red color replaced with a flesh tone color. Then maybe there would be no mistake that it's a corset. Anyway, i like the look.


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