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Golden Leopard Nails (with tutorial)

I’m really into animal print nails. The blue zebra ones turned out great and now onto leopards. While looking for a picture of a real leopard to check on the colours I realized that I didn’t have that beige or tan colour for the base to represent the main colour in the leopard’s fur. The closest colour I had in my stash was gold so I thought I would use that instead. 

First you want to paint your nails your base colour. In my case I used two coats of Milani Gold Lamé. It’s a really bright gold. Allow enough time to dry. 

Next you want to take a brown colour, I’m using China Glaze Street Chic which was from their Metro Collection. Dip the brush into the colour and wipe off the excess on the side of your bottle. Apply the colour using the brush tapping on random blobs on your brown. It should look like this. 

Next using a black polish or in my case, black acrylic paint and a dotting tool, apply dots of the black around your brown bits. Don’t completely cover the brown of course but you want to apply the black in some cases completely around some spots, like brackets around some and like “C” shapes around other brown spot. 

You can stop at this point and add your top coat but if you feel your spots are a little far apart, then just add some random black spots to fill in the gaps.

Ok so now you’re done, add your favourite top coat (loving Orly Glossimer at this time) and you’re all done! Super simple right? And there I was thinking this was hard to do! 

Try it out and enjoy your sexy leopard nails. But in the odd case that you don’t want to take the time to do this (strong recommend you do!), try out these Broadway nail stickers instead! So now I’m off to go buy me a tan coloured polish!

Happy Leopards!


  1. Love the original leopard prints always! So pretty Nams!

  2. Gorgeous look! Actually liked the golden touch <3

    1. Hello Ana! I really loved how this one turned out myself, sometimes it's good to experiment

  3. great job. I love it, I'll try this tonight.

  4. Hello honey, great blog :)
    I found you from Bloghop
    Kisses from Panama

  5. Wow! These are so neat :) They look lovely!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop!


  6. Wow, love these! You've made it look so easy!
    Great post!
    Found you through blog hop

  7. Wow this is amazing! I'm going to try to do this now : )

    1. Oh great! you better post your pics for me to see please

  8. Oooh, these are beautiful! Leopard nails are one of my favourites to do because they're actually pretty easy to do, but LOOK so amazing! Great job Naomi!

    1. I agree about that! I'm going to try some more using different colours soon

  9. you did such a fab job on this! nice! I am from the blog hop! so glad i found yah girl!

  10. Thank you, amazing job! This was the information I required.
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