Monday, 9 July 2012

Galaxy Nails (with tutorial)

Here I go again, trying out some of the latest nail trends! I think this one so far is my favourite. Would you like to enter my galaxy with me? It’s really easy to do, I could show you how. 

So let’s get started! First you will need a dark blue polish for your base colour. I’m using Orly Stone Cold. Two coats for an opaque colour. You can use a flat dark blue but if it has some shimmer in it, then that would be perfect! I find blues usually stain my nails so go ahead and apply a clear base coat before the blue.

Now that you have the blue down, get a small piece of sponge. I found a foundation sponge and cut little pieces off of this. Using a tweezer, clamp down your piece of sponge and dip it into some gold coloured polish (I use a painter palette for ease). The polish I used here was Milani Gold Lamé. You are sponging on the colour in a diagonal line. This is what you should have. 

Ok next you repeat the process of sponging on the colour but this time using a copper coloured polish and going slightly over the gold line on both sides. Don’t fully sponge over the gold. I’m using L.A.Girl Metal polish in Copper Alloy. 

So you repeat the sponging again using a pink polish to overlap slightly on the copper colour. I used China Glaze Naked (not shown) and then follow by L.A. Girl metal polish in Obsidian, which is a metallic black.

So now you’re all done with the sponging part. Super easy so far right? You have you basic galaxy down but you can go ahead and spruce it up with add tiny white dots if you like. If you don’t like the diagonal lines you can also sponge in circles instead. 

Apply a top coat to seal in your design and you’re all done. I’m using Orly In a Snap which is working really well since my Seche Vite got super thick on me. Let’s see if this one will do the same halfway through the bottle. 

So that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed my take on one of the latest nail design. It’s really fun to be able to take something and make it your own. Until next time and next nail trend!

Happy Galaxy!


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