Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blue Zebra Nails

I recently decided to delve into the world of using acrylic paints for my nails but didn’t know where to start with it. Then I remembered a friend of mine posted a blue animal print nail design on my facebook wall. So let’s try to replicate that shall we. 

With flash

Natural sunlight
I used L.A.Girl Fruity scented polish in Blueberry Fizz (two coats) as my base colour. Just a quick review on this polish, the scent is very strong when applying the colour but fades after a day of wear. The scent is still there just faint. 

So what you will need for this is a fine tipped paint brush. I found mine at an art store. Basically you are simple interlocking the lines from either side of your nail to create the stripes but I also created some random lines to make it not seem so perfect. I found the acrylic paint does build up a bit on your brush so wipe it off every so often or the lines will come out thick. So now that I’ve conquered my first attempt at using acrylic paints, it doesn’t seem so bad! Can’t wait to try them out again!
Happy Blue Zebra!


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