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Splatter Summer Neon Nails with Tutorial

Oh my beloved China Glaze Summer Neon colours, Orange You Hot? and Flirty Tankini was just idly sitting by and I thought I needed just one more way to wear them again. Both are fabulous, vibrant colours on their own and looked soft and pretty sheered out in my watercolour manicure. I wanted another way to wear them together but this time it should allow them to be the bold, vibrant colours that they are. Introducing my splatter nails (which is one of the newest nail trends) featuring my two summer neons from China Glaze. 

Do you want to know how it’s done? Follow along. You will need:
1. White polish as base colour- I used China Glaze White on White
2. Summer neon colours- I used China Glaze Flirty Tankini (coral pink) and Orange you Hot? (shimmery orange)
3. Yellow colour- I used China Glaze Sunshine Pop (from Electropop collection)
4. Top coat- I used Orly Glosser
5. Tools: Straw and Painter’s palette

Step 1: Apply your base coat if desired and then two coat of your white polish. This will serve as your base and make the neon colours pop even more. 

Step 2: Apply a few drops of the first summer neon, Flirty Tankini onto the painter’s palette. Dip the straw into the polish. If you like you can also suck into the straw a bit to draw some polish up into the straw. Then blow out polish hard onto the nails to allow it to splatter onto the white base. 

Did you notice the mess it makes? I totally underestimated the amount of splatter that would fall onto my skin, so I would suggest taping around the nail to make the clean up easier. 

Quick tip: Make sure to blow really hard on the straw to allow the polish to be pushed out. Add a bit more polish if you like but don’t overload the straw or you will end up with big blotches. Of course if that’s the look you want so be it. You may have to repeat a few times to get the coverage of the splatter you want. 

Step 3: Apply the next summer neon colour, Orange You Hot? using the same method as described in 2 above. This is what you will have. Notice the big blobs I was talking about when you overload the straw with polish? 

Step 4: Repeat the process using a yellow polish, Sunshine Pop. More blobs anyone?

Step 5: Clean up! I found using acetone and a cotton ball was easiest to remove the big splashes around the nail and then I went in closer around the cuticles with those cosmetic buds, the ones with the pointed tips for more precision. Apply top coat and you’re done! 

Now you can add a second layer of your top coat to smoothen it out more but I love the texture of the splattered polish. It feels like true nail art to me. So would you give this a try?
Happy Splattering!

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