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Shake your Bon Bon and Condition those Lips with MAC’s Viva Glam Ricky Lip Conditioner

I know I was quite young when Ricky Martin released Shake Your Bon-Bon from his self-titled album. This song brings back so many fond memories for me. I loved seeing him dance and well… shake his bon-bon. Ricky didn’t stop at just music but is giving himself towards a worthy cause in MAC’s Viva Glam campaign this year. Ricky teamed up with Nicki Minaj and together they introduced the Viva glam Nicki lipstick and Ricky’s lip conditioner to support the MAC AIDS fund. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get a hold of the lipstick but the lip conditioner was more readily available. 

My beginning with this lip conditioner was quite funny. I was at the MAC counter ready to cash out my gorgeous MAC Russian Red lipglass along with the MAC Impassioned duo and the only MAC guy in the store enquired if I had the lip conditioner. I said no and he looked at me like I was a mad woman. Really no lip conditioner and you are getting these coloured lippies! Are you seeing why your lips are getting stained and they will also help with your cracked lips!!!! I was becoming a little embarrassed at this point but would not be forced into getting something I didn’t want. He then turned on my friend who came with me and said to her” And don’t think I didn’t see you licking those lips! That’s not going to help them either.” Give it a try! Alright, why not. 

Product Packaging: This lip conditioner comes in special packaging. The product is packaged in a white box with Ricky’s signature on the front panel and a similar signature as well on the front of the tube. The tube is soft so you can squeeze it to push the product out of the small opening. The tip of the conditioner is slanted which makes it easy to glide around the contours of your lips. The ingredients are listed on the box only. 

Product Colours: The conditioner is slightly tinted but goes on pretty colourless onto the lips. It looks sort of like Vaseline. 

Product Performance: I was using a host of different lip balms and chap sticks and none have seemed to work for my dry, chappy lips like this does. My lips are much softer and they don’t have the visible cracks or hard lines on them anymore. It contains petrolatum which is also the main active ingredient in the Vaseline lip therapy. The petrolatum seals in the moisture but in this lip conditioner doesn’t feel sticky like in the Vaseline product. It goes on slick and feels very light on the lips. It also contains Shea butter which is an effective moisturiser due to its fatty acid content.  
This lip conditioner hydrates and conditions your lips. However, if you are looking for something to ensure your lip product last longer on the lips, then you will need a lip primer, which may also condition your lips.
Oh and it has the classic MAC vanilla smell and flavour! 

Product Flexibility: Because of the difference it has made for my lips, I find using this highly addictive. I reach for it about 3 times a day just to add a tiny drop more, even though the product hydrates my lips for a long time. If you don’t feel like wearing any lip colour, just soothe on a tiny amount for a slight sheen and baby soft lips. It works well for male lips as well! Wink, wink!!!!

Product Availability & Price: For Trinidadians, try the West Mall or Gulf City Mall MAC counters for $140 a tube. At, it retails for $15US. In case you run out of this, you can find the regular lip conditioner (no ricky martin’s signature) in the permanent line. 

Overall: I’m really glad I found this product. I admit it is rather expensive for a lip conditioner but the fact that this product’s proceeds all go straight to a worthy cause makes me feel a bit better about it! When I find something better than or just as good as this and with a cheaper price tag, I’ll let you know! I’m off to find Ricky and shake my bon bon.

Happy Conditioning!


  1. That kind of happened to me when I bought the Nicki lippie! The sales lady was REALLY trying to get me to purchase the conditioner as well and was a little pushy! I managed to make it out with just the things I went in for but now I want the conditioner! It sounds really really great! LOL

    1. It is totally addictive to me! The price is a bit too much for me but give it a try if you can!

  2. I have the nicki lipstick, which is eh okay for me. I wish I bought the ricky lip conditioner instead!

    1. Oh yes i still want to try our the nicki lipstick just to satisfy myself!

  3. I tried it and I agree with you its really nice but I really found the price high for a conditioner but I do have the Nicki lipstick and love it!

    1. Oh yes i remember looking at your swatches. The MAC people said it will be back in stock in June so I'll look out for it

  4. The Nicki lipstick is gorgeous :) I tried the lip conditioner before.. Try Jack Black lip balms (you can get them on Amazon) or Nivea lip balms (in Pennywise - got mine in the Grand Bazaar branch). The Nivea lipbalms are super moisturizing and last an insane amount of time.

    1. Hi Steph! I heard about the jack black balms, didnt realise they are on amazon. Only problem is whenever i bring in cosmetics, the shipping charges are outrageous!


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