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Queen Bee

Who wants to be a queen bee for a day? This look was inspired by the simple bumble bee, portrayed as the simple yellow and black but pair it together with my bee hive hair, pointed stinger and sweet flower lips for you to lead the way as queen bee! 

Would you like to know how I created this whimsical look? Let’s start with all the products I used. Why does it always seem like a lot of stuff?

Face Routine:
1. I first started off with a clean, moisturised face and applied MAC Mineralise Skinfinish foundation with SPF 15 in NC 45! I’ve been a naughty girl and skipped on the sunscreen so that’s why my face is a bit tan compared to my chest, which is usually covered up. Cover over this with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark. This is for the extra glow to the skin.
2. Apply Black Opal Mosiac Raspberry bronzer to the cheeks and upwards toward the temples for rosy cheeks. 

Eye Routine: 
1. Using a black eyeliner like Milani minerals eye pencil in black, start tracing the outer shape as seen above. You want to have a pointed tip and double tipped end but also ensure when the eye is open you can see a harsh line of the black. For me that meant going above the crease.
2. Apply NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cashmere as your base. Place this over the lid and in the tear duct area. Pat your loose yellow eye pigment like Halener Rustique Passion all over the Cashmere. Blending slighly into the black liner.
3. Redefine the black lines with L’Oreal HIP chrome eyeliner in Black Shock. Apply also to tightline and waterline.
4. Curl lashes and apply your falsies. Since I have small eyes I prefer half lashes like Andrea Accents lashes in 315 black.
5. Complete the eyes with Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen in black and apply Revlon photoready 3D volume mascara in Blackest black. 

So how do the eyes translate into the bee? Pointed stingers (even though a bee only has one!) at front and double to the back with the typical yellow and black colours only. Buzz, buzz!

Lip Routine: The lips were to represent the flowers that bees pollinate. I started off lining the lips with NYX Lipliner pencil in Purple Rain and topped it off with Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain gloss in Pleasing plum. 

The Stain gloss deepens when the colour dries so a more vampy colour developed. So I switched up the lips by applying Maybelline Fuschia Forever lipstick, which is more of the flower colour I wanted. Also for a total bee hive hair look I pinned up all the hair. 

Now I feel like a real Queen bee, if only for today!
Happy Queen Bee!


  1. So, this is pretty much fabulous =)

  2. Love this Naomi! Total "Don't mess with me" look

  3. OMG! Love! The eyes are ssssiiiiiiick lol

  4. Wow! Your eyes are amazing! I can never get my cat eye to look even on both sides! This is one hot queen bee!

    1. i've had tons of practice and sometimes i still mess it up!

  5. you have a really good facial structure and with this look: On Point, good job :)

    1. Oh thank you. I've learnt to enjoy my features over the last 2 years

  6. hail the queen bee!
    amazing look! ;)

  7. Great look, Naomi! I love the thought you put into the look in conveying the epitome of the bee. I really like it with the lighter lip colour too! (:

    1. thank you so much. I really did think about this one, turned out great right!

  8. I so love this look! Very pretty!

  9. looks beautiful, especially the eyes!

  10. Dont know how i missed this post. This look is totally fierce i love it!!


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