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Nail Polish Collection

I’ve been really into my nails lately. I can’t seem to pass by a nail polish display rack without some colour catching my eye. As my collection was growing I thought it was time to do some cleaning out, removing some old ones and rearranging what was left. I also thought it would be interesting to see what brands I loved the most, what colours were the most and least popular in my collection and how many bottles in total did I have at this point. If you want to know the answers then stick around with me! 

If you’re interested in the stats, then here it goes:
By colour: Reds- 4 bottles, Copper- 2 bottles, Orange- 5 bottles, Skintone/ sheers- 3 bottles, Yellows & golds- 5 bottles, Whites- 6 bottles, Greens- 5 bottles, Aquas/ blue greens- 6 bottles, Clear- 11 bottles, Blues- 8 bottles, Pinks- 17 bottles, Grey- 2 bottles, Silver- 5 bottles, Fuchsia/ Plums- 4 bottles, Lilac/ Purples- 5 bottles, Blacks- 5 bottles and Browns- 3 bottles. 

So you can see that I’m crazy about pink polishes! I could have told you that before the count but this just seals the deal. Likewise it seems I’m not really fond of greys or copper colours. Just might be that I haven’t found the right ones yet! I’ll make it my duty to focus on those colours next time I’m at a display rack. 

I also found it interesting that my next favourite colour (forgetting the 11 bottles of clear) was blue! Really, blue? I’m learning new things about me everyday. And I seem to have a thing about blue greens or aqua too! 

Grand total polishes: 97 bottles. Wow!!!! I feel good knowing it’s less than a 100 though, gives me more reason to buy three more bottles to have an even number. 

By brand: Out of my 97 bottles, there are 25 bottles of China Glaze (my favourite!), followed by 11 bottles of L.A.girl (love their metal polishes) and then Sinful Colors rounding up the top three with 9 bottles.
Other brands in my collection include Sally Hansen, Orly, Santee, Kleancolor, Nail Fusion, Milani, NYC, LA Colors, Jordana, OPI, Ruby Kisses, CaraMia, ELF, Seche Vite, Arista, NYX, and SpaRitual.

Always a China Glaze in the middle!
Crackles? At one point in time I was crazy for crackles, not anymore though. But I’m still crazy over metallics and silver seems to be my number one metal of choice in a polish. Milani’s PC Girl is one of my all time favourites. 

Let’s top it all off with some top coats of course! Seche Vite has been my BFF of top coats but somewhere along halfway, it gets super thick. So I had to branch out and doing so made me realise there are lots of good stuff out there. What’s your favourite? 

So what does your nail collection look like? What colours do you love and brands that work well for you? Feel free to share! I would love a sneak peak into your own collection!!!
Happy Nail Polish Collecting!

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