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Happy Friday! Volume#13

Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s the start to the weekend where we beauty lovers can get some more time to indulge in our stashes of beauty items. More so we get maybe some time for ourselves to just do nothing much or something extravagant! It’s also a time for me to share more about me to you that may or may not be beauty related. Feel free to share what you will be up to this weekend. Happy Friday!

Beauty Adventure? Ever heard about a monochromatic look? It's where you use the same colour or shades of it for your entire makeup look. I've been crazy about the colour orange ever since Pantone decided this was the year for Tangerine Tango so I put together a monochromatic type look with orange.

The orange for the eyes is Maybelline Fierce and Tangy color tattoo eyeshadow, the orangey cheeks are CaraMia's Fawn while the bright orange lips are Milani's Mandarina lipstick. This is not a traditional monchromatic look since I incorporated other colours for the eyes but you get the picture, right? 
To complete the look I wore an orange top and my favourite orange nail polish lately, China Glaze Orange You Hot, from the summer neons collection.

Plans for the weekend? I haven't been doing much looks lately since I got a new camera and I'm trying to understand all its functions to capture the right images. But I do want to try a look with another Maybelline tattoo eyeshadow; Pomegranate Punk or maybe Edgy Emerald. 

Something about me? I've been obsessed over the Games of Thrones. I have watched all episodes of the first 2 seasons and dying for the third season to be out. I even bought 4 books on my kindle so I don't have to die from suspense. My favourite character was Khal Drogo but they killed him off already. That's the part I hate most about this series, you should never get attached to any character! 

Happy Friday!

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