Friday, 15 June 2012

Happy Friday! Volume #14

Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s the start to the weekend where we beauty lovers can get some more time to indulge in our stashes of beauty items. More so we get maybe some time for ourselves to just do nothing much or something extravagant! It’s also a time for me to share more about me to you that may or may not be beauty related. Feel free to share what you will be up to this weekend. Happy Friday!

Beauty Adventure? I'm jumping on the B.B. Cream train! The Garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector b.b. cream (a huge mouthful to say!) was the only b.b.cream I could find here now. Well actually I found the Estee Lauder one too but not in my shade. So far I really like that it glides on smoothly, blends in well with my skin-tone and has a great smell. I love products with multiple uses to make my makeup routine simpler!

Plans for the weekend? I recently discovered that Sacha Cosmetics has some new smokey eye kits! I'm really into palettes lately and this Smokey Earth 6 piece eyeshadow set is just super cute! I'm definitely going to play around with this for a new earthy look!

And of course, for a little downtime this girl needs to catch up on her movies! So many to see but so little time.

Something about me? Did I mention my first degree was in chemistry? I fell in love with the subject while in secondary school when I saw a colourful reaction in test tubes. I've always loved making colourful products in the lab and while my work life has drifted me far away from the lab, I'm still most interested in the chemistry of makeup and their colours too!

Happy Friday!


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