Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Silver Smoke and White Ashes with Coastal Scents Go Cairo Palette

Hello Beautiful! Remember when I did my Last Night Look and used the Coastal Scent Go Cairo Palette, then challenged myself (and you!) to create a look with both silver and white? Well my part of that challenge is all done. This is another date night look for me. It’s sparkly and fun but still a classic smoky eye just using silver. 

In case you want to recreate this night look, this is how I did mine:
Step 1: Face routine with primer (Revlon Beyond Natural), foundation (Sacha second skin in Perfect Caramel) and powder. This foundation provides light to medium coverage but to make it stay in placed for the night, I sheered it out with some setting spray before stippling it onto the face with a sponge wedge.  

Step 2: Apply your eye primer; I used Ruby Kisses (the one that looks like a pink version of the urban decay primer potion)

Step 3: Using the Coastal Scents Go Cairo Palette, apply the silver shade (1) from the inner tear duct to about 2/3rds of the eyelid area. You can take the colour up a bit if you like. Use the silver also for 1/3rd of the lower lashline. Next apply a gunmetal grey (2) in the outer V area blending in to meet the silver colour. You can take this colour into the crease a little. Deepen the outer V using the matte black shade (3). Soften any harsh lines above using a matte skintone colour (4). Highlight the browbone using the matte white (5). 

Step 4: Finish off your eyes with some false lashes. Fill in brows with brown shades from the Go Cairo Palette.

Step 5: For blush, apply a rose or plummy shade. I used Black Opal Raspberry bronzer. Since it’s a night look, you can apply just a tad bit more than usual.

Step 6: Complete the lips with a rosey pink shade such as L.A.Girl crème lipstick in Rendezvous. Add a touch of clear lipgloss to the bottom lip for a luscious pout.
And since it’s a night look you can pair your silver eyes with some silver, big bold earrings and other accessories! That would make your look more for a night time party!
Happy Silver & White!


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