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Shimmery Goodness with the L’Oreal Infallible Eye-shadows

I almost passed these by but was so glad I did not. I was more excited for the Maybelline color tattoos and the fact that these new infallible eye-shadows were more expensive didn’t help with bringing these into my radar. It was the simple placement in the display case of such beautiful shimmery gorgeous colours that caught my eyes. Do you see what I mean? 

The packaging of the product is interesting. When the product is closed and you can see it through the hard plastic square casing (like in my first picture), this is actually the bottom of the eye-shadow pot. The top is where the name of each shade is written. When you unscrew the lid, there is a grey coloured cover with a small handle, over the product. These covers have a note to do not discard so they probably serve the purpose of pressing and keeping the shadows intact. Each eye-shadow has 3.5grams of product. Just for reference a normal MAC eye-shadow pot holds 1.5g, a MAC cream eye-shadow (like the metal X) has 2.4g or a MAC paint pot has 5g. Overall I love the luxurious feel of the packaging. It makes the product look classy.  
Let’s talk about texture! It’s more like a cream product but applies like you would a regular powder eye-shadow.  It feels really soft and applies smoothly onto the lids.
What about colour? One swipe gives you a nice amount of colour but I needed to build up for it to appear as vibrant as it does in the pan.
As for the product wear on my regular normal skin of my small eyes, I found it was easy to apply onto the lids and it blended well with other shades and other eyeshadows. I experience minimal fallout at application which you need to remove immediately since it sticks to the skin rather quickly or just remove with eye makeup remover. I tested all three shades at different days for a normal work day (between 8-12 hours on certain days) and there was no fading or creasing for me. The product colour appeared quite vibrant as when first applied but I did get some more fallout by the end of the day. So I had some shimmery particles on my cheeks. You should note the product claims 24 hour wear; maybe one day I will try that test. Now onto the swatches! 
From left to right: Midnight Blue, Perpetual Purple, Bronzed Taupe
Midnight Blue is a deep intense blue with a shimmery finish. Perpetual Purple is a red based purple also with a shimmery finish. Bronzed Taupe is just like the name suggests with a shimmery finish.
Possible ways to wear these three: Apply Bronzed Taupe as the main lid colour with a dark chocolate matte brown in the crease with a matte skin tone highlight. This is a glam day look that I even wear at the office. Midnight Blue would make a great smoky blue eye. Try pairing both Midnight Blue and Perpetual Purple on the lid for a bright bold eye.
These three shades are so gorgeous that I feel I should take a look at the other colours in the range. Make some time to try these out! And stayed tuned for some actual looks from me using these almost infallible eye-shadows.
Happy Infallible Eye-shadows!


  1. I only have bronzed taupe and I love it! I think i was the same as u trying to get the color tattoos that i didnt even notice these until the l'real rep who was at the same counter asked if I had tried them. I was blown away, i need to get more esp the midnight blue and amber rush if i can find it. Great review on these naomi.

    1. Oh yeah! I want to try some more colours. So far though the colour tattoos i rather use as bases while i love these for the main eyeshadow colour

  2. Thee are so pretty! Really love the Bronzed Taupe color! :)

    1. Yes so far it's the one i have used the most

  3. midnight blue is most gorgeous ! awesome shades u got there girl <3

  4. These are all pretty but that blue... So gorgeous!

    1. I'm going to try a blue smoky eye with this one!

  5. I think I'm gonna have to pick up the blue color! It's soooo pretty!!

  6. Great review! I just posted a review of these shadows on my blog today, so it was fun to see what someone else thought. Your blog is lovely, I found you on Ms. Brightside's blog hop. :)


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