Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Passionate Duo! MAC Impassioned Lipstick and Lipglass

After I got sick with the flu recently I took a break from wearing makeup for a while. I just didn’t have the energy to get dressed up and had lost my passion for makeup until I remembered I had these two bright and cheerful lippies to try. MAC’s impassioned lipstick and lipglass are both bright pinks perfect for lifting moods. If you want full on colour with a sheen, try the lipstick and if you want glossy lips or prefer the easy of the doe foot wand, try the lipglass. Both will give you a nice opaque colour depending on how much you apply. MAC Impassioned lipstick is part of the permanent collection! The lipglass and nail polish rounded out the MAC Impassioned Fashion set. 
Wearing MAC Impassioned Lipglass

Product Packaging: The lipglass come in a hard plastic tube with black screw type cover with the standard doe foot applicator wand. The tube contains 4.8g of product. The lipstick is the standard black bullet tube with 3g of product. 

Product Colours: Both products are bright pinks than lean towards looking fuchsia (but not as Fuschia as say MAC’s Girl About Town). The lipstick colour is more vibrant than that of the lipglass. 

Wearing MAC Impassioned Lipstick

Product Performance: The lipglass has a thicker consistency than a regular lipgloss and so wears a bit longer for me on the lips (about 3-4 hours). Of course it comes off once you eat or drink. You can get opaque colour coverage with the lipglass.
The lipstick has an amplified crème finish and gives opaque colour just like the lipglass. It glides on smoothly onto the lips. It lasts for me about 5-6 hours, just a bit longer than the lipglass. I did notice my lips got stained after wearing this lipstick!
Both products have the typical MAC vanilla scent. 

Product Flexibility: Pair the lipstick and lipglass together for an instant colour boost with shine. The colour becomes more intense and there is no need to worry about streaking or balling up of the two products together. They work really well together. I prefer to wear them together than on their own. 

Wearing MAC Impassioned lipstick and lipglass

Product Availability & Price: Both lip products are the same price, $130TT (West Mall or Gulf City) or US$14.50 ( 

Are you Impassionate? How would you wear these two; on their own or together?
Happy Impassioned!


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