Friday, 18 May 2012

Orange You Hot? Another Summer Neon from China Glaze

Oranges anyone? So sweet and juicy oranges! Yum!!!!! I’m not sure why I was instantly drawn to this colour besides Flirty Tankini but this orange polish goes well with this year’s theme of Tangerine Tango and is perfect for another sunny beach outing. Put on your sunglasses before proceeding! 

On left: Flirty Tankini; On right: Orange You Hot?
To get a decent manicure, apply a base coat to eliminate the staining, two coats of your orange polish and finish off with your top coat. 
Oranges remind me of my aunt’s orange field. She has rows and rows of oranges at the back of her home in the countryside and when the trees get ripe with fruit, the branches hang down low. Of course there are always the nice juicy looking ones that are too high to reach. I love seeing the oranges peeping out behind the dark green leaves and so I was inspired to add some leaves to the tips of my manicure. For the leaves I use Agro (how fitting a name!) which is from the China Glaze Capital Colours collection. 

From some reason when I added my usual Seche Vite top coat the orange polish seem to crack at the edges, which was strange since I’ve never had such a reaction before. And of course it made my lovely manicure not last long! Such a pity L Either way, I would call this manicure, Orange leaf tips! 

How do you wear your oranges?
Happy Hot Oranges!


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