Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hitting the Beach with a China Glaze Flirty Tankini

Who wants to go to the beach with me? Well China Glaze certainly does… again! They gave me a Sunshine Pop to my first beach trip to ensure I had a sunny day for that sunkissed tan and now they sent me a Flirty Tankini to show off my legs!

It’s an interesting colour for me since it appears more coral in pictures but in real life it’s more strawberry pink with shimmer though it leans towards a coral tone anyway. The shimmery goodness comes out brilliantly in the sunlight! 

As for the legs, why not embrace the floral trends and flirt with your toes too! Of course Flirty Tankini would be just as great with the regular old flip flop for the beach but with my short legs I prefer to add my a little height with these floral wedges. 

I’ve always loved tankini’s since I burn so easily in the sun and they afford a bit more coverage that the skimpy bikini. So I’m also embracing another trend, colour blocking by pairing a bright blue tankini to go with my pinky coral nails. 

I’m all set now! Tankini X2, Shoes and sunscreen. I’m off to the beach to enjoy some summer neon love with my new Flirty Tankini.
Happy Flirting!


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