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Colouring my World with Maybelline Colour Tattoos

I’ve always been drawn to colour. It’s in my blood to seek out colour wherever they maybe. My nieces seem to follow me and have been colouring my world (or should I say room) with their colourful masterpieces. Handprints, crayons, pencils, markers, nail polish, anything with which they can show their creativity they bring out to colour my world. Would you like to colour your world? Without that much cleanup! 

Product Packaging: They come packaged in glass pots with black covers which reminds me of the MAC paint pots. They do feel a bit heavy compared to a regular eye-shadow compact. On the screw top lids you get the product information and colour description. The top of the product is as seen from the lid similar to the L’Oreal Infallible eye-shadows

Product Colours: The colour tattoos comes in 10 different shades but it was interesting that there are more bright colours than neutrals in this collection. A positive for this colour junkie!

Audacious Asphalt is a shimmery silvery grey with a metallic finish. 

Pomegranate Punk is a shimmery dark burgundy colour. 

Edgy Emerald is a soft, shimmery seafoam green colour.

Tough as Taupe is a matte taupe (grey brown) colour. 
Fierce and Tangy is a satin tangerine orange colour. 

From left to right: Pomegranate Punk, Audacious Asphalt, Edgy Emerald, Tough as Taupe, Fierce & Tangy
Other colours in the collection include Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze, Painted Purple, Tenacious Teal, and Too Cool. 

Product Performance: The product claims to give one 24 hour wear without creasing or fading. I can’t bear to test a product that long but I did get different results with different shades of these. Once using the product on its own, I didn’t get any creasing. There was some fading for me only with Edgy Emerald that maybe related to the soft colour of this particular color tattoo. The colours all appear just a tad bit brighter if you use a skintone eye shadow primer.
They are all creamy and go on smoothly to the lid. You can apply with a synthetic brush or simply smudge onto the lids like a primer with your fingers. I preferred using my fingers for these. 

Product Flexibility: Because they are a cream product, it is easy to use all on its own as an eyeshadow. Use as a primer or base to ensure a coloured eyeshadow pops or even use as a coloured eyeliner. 

Product Availability & Price: For T&T residents, the price varies depending on the store. The cheapest price I found them at was at the T&T Hair and beauty show for $35TT. Next was at Pennywise for $39.95TT. At SuperPharm they were about $49.95TT. They are also available at Body Perfection in Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas. 

Now that’s all folks! Are you Fierce and Tangy or Tough as Taupe? What you say? You want me to do some looks using these? Why yes I will! Soon. For now, I’m a little Edgy… Emerald.
Happy Colouring!

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