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Chilling with some Cranberry Ice

Hello beautiful! Hope you are doing well. Things about me you should know, I love pink! But what I realized lately was that I haven’t used it a lot in my eye makeup. Pink is one of those colours that I wasn’t quite sure how to wear on the eyes. But this is one way I found that a pink eye-shadow worked for me. It’s very simple; just a pop of the colour on the eyelid! Simple! Super simple! 

I chose to have this colour be the main star of the face and so kept everything else pretty neutral including my clothing. If you want to recreate this look, here’s how I did mine:
Step One: Primer your face; apply a light foundation and powder. When I want to sheer out a foundation I spritz a sponge wedge with some with some fix it spray and then pat foundation into the skin for a dewy finish followed by a light dusting of powder.
Step Two: Primer your eyes with a skin tone primer. I used Ruby Kisses.
Step Three: Use a pink coloured eye pigment (I’m using Halener Rustique’s Cranberry Ice) and pat colour all over the lid.

Cranberry Ice appears like a coral colour but is pinker on application. Since it is a loose pigment, patting onto the lid minimises eye-shadow fallout. What I love about pigment samples from Halener Rustique is that you can try a range of colours with an inexpensive price tag.
Step Four: Apply a matte dark brown colour into the crease and blend with the cranberry ice. Apply matte skin tone shade above the lid to eliminate any harsh lines. Use matte light brown shade for a highlight. I chose matte shades for blend and crease colour since the Cranberry Ice is such a sparkly coral pink colour. All brown shades were from the Coastal Scents Go Cairo Palette.
Step Five: Complete the eyes with liner (Milani Liquif’eye in Black) and false lashes if you desire.
Step Six: Add a soft neutral blush such as NYX Espresso to the apples of the cheek.
Step Seven: Just a hint of colour for the lips with L.A. Colours sheer lipgloss in Watermelon splash. 

You can barely see the colour with my eye shape!
Are you up for a pop of colour? This look is simple enough that you can swap out the pink for any colour of your choice. Try a bright blue or green or even an orange to go with this year’s tangerine tango vibe! The choice is yours.
Happy Colour Pop!


  1. cute..i too love pink..:)

  2. this is the best look IMO...totally loved it <3

  3. You look gorgeous Naomi!Love this look. Very subtle

    1. Thank you Dee! I'm into subtle looks lately

  4. Love it Naomi. Its very pretty and i love the pics. I have a bunch of Halener Rustique pigs, I need to use them more. They are a great buy!

    1. Would you believe I have about 30 bags? lol. Now trying to use them, they are so beautiful

  5. Love this!! Its so simple and fresh something I would def try to spice up a day look!

  6. You look lovely in pink and this color is perfect!!

    Boston Princess

  7. Wow!! You are gorgeous. I love the look. You have beautiful skin.

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  8. Very pretty! Definitely need to bust out a color like soon.

  9. Soooo pretty! Absolutely gorgeous Naomi! :)

  10. Very pretty and simple look! Love it!

  11. The look is gorgeous!! so where can I find Halener Rustique pigments like this one?

    1. Thanks! Try her facebook page. A friend of mine gave these to me but she is a local seller here in Trinidad

  12. Beautiful makeup!!! You have a lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other?
    I'll follow you back for sure :)
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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