Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Are you up for some Fusion Neon Pink with Sinful Colors?

As a big fan of pink, it was only a matter of time that I ventured into the neon pink world. In the working world, well the office working world anyway, a neon hot pink polish would have raised quite a few stares. So why invest in an expensive bottle of polish if you wanted this colour just for the weekend? Sinful Colours Fusion Neon pink polish being reasonably priced was an obvious choice if you want to try out this trend. 

The colour is very true to how it looks in the bottle, a vibrant, almost retina burning neon pink with a surprise twist of having an almost matte finish. That part I wasn’t expecting since there wasn’t any indication of the finish on the bottle. Just to note, my camera wasn’t able to give me pictures that portray how truly neon looking this colour is. Did somebody say DSLR needed? Yes, please!

While I loved both the colour and its matte finish, the application of this polish was just too much to bear. Now I love any polish that can give me the right opacity in two coats and Fusion Neon was just not up for that. It was just too quick drying so that if you tried to smooth over the lines it clumped up, which made for an uneven application. The only way I got it to work was using a thicker coat of polish and even after that I needed 4 coats to get my desired finish. For me that’s just too much work. 

So it’s up to you really, this neon pink may require a bit more of my patience to work with but since I was wearing it for just one day, I didn’t mind. Even though my first experience with a neon polish wasn’t the best, I’m not giving up! There must be a great neon pink polish just waiting for me to discover it! Have you discovered any?
Happy Neon Pink!


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