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Vegas Baby! MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Who wouldn’t want to visit Vegas?   The city of Las Vegas is renowned for its shopping, casinos and fine dining. It’s filled with bright lightings and that’s exactly what this lipstick reminds me of with it bright coral colour that sure to make you the star attraction of your own Las Vegas show! 

Triple Trendy Nails

Besides trying new trends, I love combining different trends into one look. After not being impressed with the Sinful Colours Fusion Neon polish application, I decided to use this neon pink into my next design. After all, I had the painstakingly long task of doing 4 coats of this pink to get it right. So why not use the neon (trend one) as the base and incorporate metallic nails (trend two) into a colour block design (trend three). Hence the name triple trendy nails. 

Gloss or Stain? You decide on Maybelline’s Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss

Stains remind me of wooden furniture. Gloss reminds me of high shine nail top coats. When you put them together now you have the Maybelline Super Stay 10 hour Stain Gloss. It’s an interesting product that as the name implies gives you a longer wear from the stain but yet the shine from the gloss. 

Cyberspace Nails

Hello beautiful! Here’s another simple nail art design you can do to update a plain manicure. I call it my cyberspace nails since my space world would of course have loads of colour and square shapes. All you would need for this is a Sally Hansen nail art pen, in a colour of your choice. For added drama make sure the choice of nail art pen is contrasting to your base coat polish. 

A Passionate Duo! MAC Impassioned Lipstick and Lipglass

After I got sick with the flu recently I took a break from wearing makeup for a while. I just didn’t have the energy to get dressed up and had lost my passion for makeup until I remembered I had these two bright and cheerful lippies to try. MAC’s impassioned lipstick and lipglass are both bright pinks perfect for lifting moods. If you want full on colour with a sheen, try the lipstick and if you want glossy lips or prefer the easy of the doe foot wand, try the lipglass. Both will give you a nice opaque colour depending on how much you apply. MAC Impassioned lipstick is part of the permanent collection! The lipglass and nail polish rounded out the MAC Impassioned Fashion set.  Wearing MAC Impassioned Lipglass

Orange You Hot? Another Summer Neon from China Glaze

Oranges anyone? So sweet and juicy oranges ! Yum!!!!! I’m not sure why I was instantly drawn to this colour besides Flirty Tankini but this orange polish goes well with this year’s theme of Tangerine Tango and is perfect for another sunny beach outing. Put on your sunglasses before proceeding! 

Colouring my World with Maybelline Colour Tattoos

I’ve always been drawn to colour. It’s in my blood to seek out colour wherever they maybe. My nieces seem to follow me and have been colouring my world (or should I say room) with their colourful masterpieces. Handprints, crayons, pencils, markers, nail polish, anything with which they can show their creativity they bring out to colour my world. Would you like to colour your world? Without that much cleanup! 

Are you up for some Fusion Neon Pink with Sinful Colors?

As a big fan of pink , it was only a matter of time that I ventured into the neon pink world. In the working world, well the office working world anyway, a neon hot pink polish would have raised quite a few stares. So why invest in an expensive bottle of polish if you wanted this colour just for the weekend? Sinful Colours Fusion Neon pink polish being reasonably priced was an obvious choice if you want to try out this trend. 

To Russia with Love from a MAC Russian Red Lipglass

Bold red lips at the touch of a lipglass! I remember when I was afraid to wear red lips. I thought it was just so bold and my timid personality preferred to stick with soft pink lips. Well those thoughts have faded with age and now I can face my fears with the beautiful MAC Russian Red lipglass. 

Hitting the Beach with a China Glaze Flirty Tankini

Who wants to go to the beach with me? Well China Glaze certainly does… again! They gave me a Sunshine Pop to my first beach trip to ensure I had a sunny day for that sunkissed tan and now they sent me a Flirty Tankini to show off my legs!

Happy Friday! Volume#12

Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s the start to the weekend where we beauty lovers can get some more time to indulge in our stashes of beauty items. More so we get maybe some time for ourselves to just do nothing much or something extravagant! It’s also a time for me to share more about me to you that may or may not be beauty related. Feel free to share what you will be up to this weekend. Happy Friday! Beauty Adventure? Who would think that a simple thing like a lip conditioner would change someone's life forever? Certainly not me! I have tried so many lip balms and chap-sticks but my lips seems to always get dry and cracked . But one try of the the Ricky Martin approved MAC Lip Conditioner had me sold! Full review coming soon!

Chilling with some Cranberry Ice

Hello beautiful! Hope you are doing well. Things about me you should know, I love pink! But what I realized lately was that I haven’t used it a lot in my eye makeup. Pink is one of those colours that I wasn’t quite sure how to wear on the eyes. But this is one way I found that a pink eye-shadow worked for me. It’s very simple; just a pop of the colour on the eyelid! Simple! Super simple! 

Mint Apple Nails

Trying out trends can be fun and I love trying them while adding my own twist to make the trend my own. Mint coloured nail polish is all the rage at this time and while I’m not a huge green nail polish fan, this colour is soft enough to be wearable for me. If you want an inexpensive polish to try out this trend then give Sinful Colors Mint Apple a try. Two coats of this mint green with silver micro-shimmer polish makes for the basic manicure. For my twist, I added an apple on the accent finger. This is taking the concept of Mint Apple quite literally! 

Shimmery Goodness with the L’Oreal Infallible Eye-shadows

I almost passed these by but was so glad I did not. I was more excited for the Maybelline color tattoos and the fact that these new infallible eye-shadows were more expensive didn’t help with bringing these into my radar. It was the simple placement in the display case of such beautiful shimmery gorgeous colours that caught my eyes. Do you see what I mean?   

Double Sunshine! Sunshine Pop from China Glaze and Sun Halo

I blame it on my Sunshine Pop from China Glaze nail polish! On the first day (April 14 th ) I wore them, one of nature’s magical moments occurred right here in Trinidad. I mean this is so not a joke. It really happened. There was a halo around the sun and while so beautiful to look at, if you didn’t know about it, well you just might have been freaked out, like me! 

Silver Smoke and White Ashes with Coastal Scents Go Cairo Palette

Hello Beautiful! Remember when I did my Last Night Look and used the Coastal Scent Go Cairo Palette , then challenged myself (and you!) to create a look with both silver and white? Well my part of that challenge is all done. This is another date night look for me. It’s sparkly and fun but still a classic smoky eye just using silver.