Thursday, 12 April 2012

Velvet Teddy Lips

Does the name sound familiar? It’s MAC’s matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy. The name invokes images of cute teddy bears with their soft fur. How did I end up here! Anyway so after trying numerous bright coloured lippies I wanted another nude shade. What I love about the MAC experience is that there is something for everyone and if you are willing to spend time doing swatches you can find the right one for you. This shade was chosen after trying on Twig, Cherish and some more. Anybody knows how many permanent MAC lipsticks there are? 
Honestly the colour itself looks like I just applied concealer to my lips! I do feel it washes me out a bit but when I paired it with a dramatic or dark eye the overall look comes together nicely. When Velvet Teddy is compared to the other nude colour MAC lipstick; Hug Me, it is slightly more pink toned but still a pretty close dupe just without the sheen.
Since Velvet Teddy is matte it does have a more drying effect on the lips and I needed to exfoliate them before since it accentuated all the lines. I simply pat the colour onto the lips instead of swiping.
In case you wondering what I’m wearing on the eyes, it’s the WetNWild Petal Pusher palette. I seem to be crazy about palettes lately. I guess it’s because my handbag never has enough space so the individual shadows always get lost somewhere. 
Hope you are having a great day! Any palettes you love lately or what is your favourite nude lipstick?
Happy Velvet Teddy!


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