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Soft Lily

Trying to beat the traffic and with work being about 1.5 hours away from my home means that usually I leave home when it is still dark and return when the sun is going down. This weekend I actually had time to remember what the outside of the house looked like in sunlight and I rediscovered this beautiful lily that was growing right outside the front door! Before I could take some pictures, the rabbit got to them first! Haha. I'll show you when some more bloom. Eitherway the main colour is orange with yellow on the inside and gorgeous green leaves. This look is inspired by the lily but instead of using such vibrant shades I keep the colours soft. 
Ambrosia Cosmetics Serene Sunset (matte orange) used in the crease and blended with yellow
Ambrosia Cosmetics Canary Gem (matte yellow) use in inner tear duct, lid and lower lashline
Ambrosia Cosmetics Havana Cream (matte peachy brown) used for highlight
NYX Cucumber Jumbo eye pencil used in waterline and lower lashline
NYX Slim eye pencil in Yellow used under yellow for lower lashline
MAC False Lashes Extreme black mascara
L.A.Colours Moisturizing Lipgloss in Romance
NYX pencil in Café
I guess the brown tone lips would represent the earth! I’m really into flowers lately. The gorgeous yellow and pink poui trees with the orange flower immortelles are blossoming, flooding my trip to work with such beautiful sites. I’m off to find some flower gardens!
Happy Lilies!

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