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Refining with Estee Lauder

I’ve been a bad girl! Honestly since God blessed me with pretty decent skin I have not been its best caretaker. It was only a few months ago that I started with the CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) using the Artistry trio. Since I’ve been using more makeup lately (can you hear the BF going, you don’t need that!...Men!) I’ve been noticing some fine lines under the eyes but most annoying to me are those pores around the nose! Arggggg! And they seem to look like craters when the foundation and concealer is applied. 

So I ventured into Senses in West Mall. Side note rant: Her name is Jocelyn and she has some flawless skin, not to mention excellent customer service. She could have sold me the entire store if I had the money. What I also loved was that she offered so much advice and in no point in time did I feel like she was trying to push her products. I even made her test different foundations and powders and she didn’t even flinch when I decided I didn’t want them again. But let’s get back on track with why we are here!
Introducing the Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimising Skin refinisher and Dual Action Refinishing treatment! Ok so really long names but they’re essentially a scrub and serum. 

The refinishing treatment is the scrub with microspheres within it and should be used maybe once a week. Use gentle circular motions with focus on the bigger pore areas such as the nose and chin areas. You want to remove your makeup and use your face wash before using this scrub. The scrub is followed by the Skin refinisher or serum and then finish off the face with your moisturiser. 
Skin care products take a while to review to allow it time to work. So far I have just used these two for about a week and I can literally feel and see a difference in my pores. I can’t wait to see what the results will be like later on. Stay tuned for that!
Another reason to love Estee Lauder is that while their products are expensive, they work and in case you want to see for yourself before purchasing a full size product, there are always samples provided. I initially went into the store looking for their highly recommended Advance night repair serum but after purchasing the Skin refinisher and treatment, there was no way my budget would allow me to spend more and Jocelyn was more than happy to offer sample sizes of both the serum and eye cream for me to continue on with my wonderful Estee Lauder experience. Just like the first two, you want to remove makeup and wash the face before applying both these night products. My samples look small but just the tiniest dab works for large areas, I’m sure they will last me a long time.
My face breathes a sigh of relief! It’s finally getting some much needed care. Any favourite face products for you? Now onto taking care of my neglected hair!
Happy Refining!


  1. wow Naomi, those look amazing. I know estee lauder has some of the most amazing skin products but have never tried them fully before. U are really inspiring me to get some. Great review!

    1. Hello Chantel! Oh so far, I love them and I really want to try some more stuff from Estee Lauder. Well you could always try to get some samples if they have any so you can test drive them first!

  2. I cant wait to try out Estee Lauder products, when my foundation finishes I'm definitively going to get Estee Lauder double wear. I f I had a bigger budget I would love to try their skin care products as well.

    1. Oh yes i tried the double wear when i was at the store and it was amazing! I was planning on getting it soon when my budget allows me :)

  3. Yes they are expensive, but I've had my idealist cream now for 8 months( bought the big bottle). So in a way it was WELL worth the money. I have good skin too, and I actually use the idealist as a primer half the time... considering you only need a small dab of it anyway.
    Another great tip for good skin, plenty plenty water. Drink and drink and drink, it shows.

    Oh and have you ever smelt anything that great ( well that has to go on your face)? Have got to try the eye products though.

    1. Oh yes Nirmala, your skin is lovely! Girl i nearly fainted at the cashier!!!!!! but you are right, just a little goes a long way and it goes on so smooth like a primer indeed. I also take your point about the water, i really need to improve there

  4. Hello! Check out my blog...I just gave you an award because your super sweet & I absolutely LOVE your blog! One of my favs! XO :)

    1. Thank you Chelsea! That's really sweet of you! Made my day :)

  5. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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