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Navy Blue Eye Revolution

I’m joining the revolution! Navy blue eyes are one of the latest trends around and I wanted to join in that trend. I made it into a smoky eye look which goes great for my Asian eyes but didn’t want it all dark so added a bright pop of turquoise blue to the lower lashline. 

Apparently I was becoming a makeup snob, only reaching for the higher end makeup in my stash. But this trend brought me back to ground level since strangely enough I didn’t have any navy blue shadows except for one by ELF.
ELF Little Black Beauty Book Cool Collection (Main eye colour)
NYX Slim eye pencil in Electric blue (lower lashline)
Mermaid pigment from Halener Rustique (over electric blue)
MAC fluid line in Midnight blues (in waterline)
MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara
NYX eyeshadow on Taupe
I was trying on a new pink with gold shimmer lipstick from NYX but I think these eyes would also be great with a matte red lip.
NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink
LA Colours Clear Gloss
On another note my hair has been driving me nuts lately! Ahh. So what new trends have you been trying out lately? Would love to know.
Happy Navy Blue!


  1. Very pretty Naomi. Lol about being a makeup snob. I think I am but only when it comes to my blushes. I almost always use mac or nars. I need to branch out more. I know the feeling about the hair. Mine just would not co-operate. I think its too long but dont want to cut it since it took forever to grow out.

    1. I'm still looking for a better blue since this one had some fallout issues. I hear about Sacha's medianoche or maybe something from inglot. Would love to try an inglot palette!!!!

  2. i am so glad navy is in!
    this deep colors look great on you.:)

    1. Hello Lena! Missed hearing from you! Hope you're good. I really love deep luscious colours like blues and purples.

  3. whoa!Love this look,esp in the 2nd pic!U look very pretty:-)
    I'm really into the neutral eye with hip loreal midnight blue cream eyeliner look lately too

    1. Thanks! Oh yes when i'm in a rush i just put on a coloured eyeliner and that's it! Pop of colour

  4. Love the earrings +eye makeup combo. I've been obsessing over bright colored lipsticks at the moment. Hair-wise, I have a purple -pink ombré going on, but looking to change it.

    1. Thanks! Oh since I'm in an office, I usually can't do bright hair colours! But that purple pink ombre sounds great!

  5. the blue on you! Gorgeous as always! XO

    1. Hello Chelsea! Thanks for the compliment! I'm trying to improve

  6. your make up looks amazing, blue really suits you

  7. Your makeup is beautiful- the dark blue looks very nice on you. I love the pop of brighter colour on the lower lash line! (:


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