Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Just Bitten

You guessed it! I’m on a short vacation and just wanted to relax with the makeup looks a bit. So this time I tried the popular cat eye and instead of doing a nude lip, made it sultrier by adding a dark lip stain. The Revlon Just Bitten lip stain and balm helped me achieve this look. This is my first lipstain that I had for a long time but when I initially got it, it wasn’t the colour I had hoped it was so it got pushed away until my recent spring cleaning
The colour I’m wearing here is called Lust. It’s a dark brown that can go on sheer with one swipe but you can pack on the drama with a few more. The tip of the pen is like a fat marker but it gives you a precise application. The balm is not sticky as a lip gloss but gives you a nice sheen on top of the stain if you like. I’m wearing just the stain in this picture. 
The colour lasts a while, though I feel as a stain it does wear off a bit too soon for me. Since I’m on vacation I didn’t mind reapplying. Oh well I’m off to do some shopping! Hope you enjoy your day. Are there any lip stains you adore? I think I’m more of a lipstick girl at the moment.
Happy Lip Staining!


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