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Happy Friday! Volume#10

Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s the start to the weekend where we beauty lovers can get some more time to indulge in our stashes of beauty items. More so we get maybe some time for ourselves to just do nothing much or something extravagant! It’s also a time for me to share more about me to you that may or may not be beauty related. Feel free to share what you will be up to this weekend. Happy Friday!

Beauty Adventure? I'm still on vacation and no vacation for me would be complete without some shopping! Being a makeup hoarder means I neglected the other aspects of myself. My face and skin care was very minimal and since I am getting older I can see some fine lines appearing and huge pores staring at me. What's a girl to do but go to the nearest Estee Lauder store and find some things to help me out! I'll let you know how they work!

Next up my neglected hair! Steaming your hair helps with falling hair so I had a hair pampering session. Argan oil products were used that left my hair feeling like silk! It was a good thing my hairdresser was nice enough to let me know what she used and I was able to find the same products at Pennywise! 
Plans for the weekend?  I saw the Lorax this week and oh boy how that was a fun movie! I can't stop singing the words, "let it grow". I want to pop in a few more movies this weekend and of course hit the beach! Beach makeup anyone? 

Something about me? I was born in Guyana, which is in South America. Of course I have dual citizenship since I'm also a citizen of Trinidad & Tobago by decent. I've been to Tobago only twice! But it's so beautiful there, I have to try to visit more often! 
Happy Friday!

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