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Raising the Alarm with this Siren 16 hour Eye-Shadow Quad from Revlon

So far I am one for one with the new Revlon products I am trying out. I love the lip butters but find the sheerness of the sculpting blush palette unsuitable for my skin tone. Now they are back with a bang, a loud siren ringing out about their 16 hour eye-shadow quad called Siren. Even though there are 16 palettes, I just have a thing lately for grays and since I spend most of my time at work anyway, why not get a grey palette that maybe appropriate for the office. 
I haven’t tried any of the Revlon 12 hour palettes so I can’t compare but I do know that these eye-shadows don’t last the 16 hours on me. They don’t even last a normal work day without some fading and creasing on my lids. Funny thing is that I was using the new Revlon Photoready primer and highlighter as my base! I guess for this alone the product doesn’t do what it claims and so you should just pass along right? Wrong, consider this! The colours are nicely pigmented and buildable. They are soft, smooth and easy to apply for me despite the loose dust that kicks up if you interfere too much with these shadows. I also fell in love with the matte charcoal grey! Of course this is just my personal taste in colours. I’m sure you can find a similar grey elsewhere and so pass along this quad. 
From left to right: Top left colour, Top right colour, Bottom left colour, Bottom right colour of quad
I am also a sucker for a gimmick, maybe one day that will change. But the design of the palette actually considers the consumer. If you notice, the quad does not have equal amounts of each colour. They have designed it giving you amounts representative of how often and how much of each you will use.
Now I have strong yellow undertones but I can still pull off this cool tone quad of colours once I balance out my face with a warm coloured lippie. This is one of the ways I tried to make this quad work for me. So overall this quad has me on the fence with it, I neither hate it nor love it. It’s just ok. Ahhhhh these love/ hate relationships I have with my makeup!
Sounding the siren!


  1. I love the shades. Perfect for night outs. :)

    1. yes they are but i am using them for a smoky grey work office look! i can get away with that since my workplace is not too strict on makeup

  2. are they actually 16 hour eyeshadows though? Lol I hate when they slap a time limit to the shadows. I love the swatches, thanks. Check out my blog too hun :)

    1. they dont last even 8 hours on me! but i do live in a humid and hot environment! Loved you palette holder idea on your last blog article!

  3. Hey Naomi, I like how the quad looks, but I've had bad experience with similar colors and I'm a bit afraid to try again! I just happen to be too warm toned, and any cooler-toned eyeshadows make me look like someone has punched me in the eye! No kidding. I'd love to see an EOTD of FOTD of you rocking this quad for sure! Maybe it'll give me some much-needed inspiration!

    1. I naturally gravitate towards the matte charcoal first and I use this colour more out of the 4. I have never used all 4 at the same time but i'm sure i can come up with a look for you!

  4. i totally agree with you!
    i have the same quad and i am underwhelmed.
    12 hr quads are nice enough and they are prettier looking quads. i don't know why revlon felt the need to get rid of the bestseller and replace with something totally blah..
    to be fair, the quality isn't bad at all. ;)


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