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Pull Me Close with China Glaze Magnetix

Oh how I love you China Glaze! You never disappoint me and are always stepping up your game! Introducing the new China Glaze Magnetix line of polishes! Yay! Basically this is a magnetic nail polish formula with tiny metal pigments that comes to life using the magnetic force of the U shaped magnet device. You have to purchase each separately though.  
The shade I chose was called Pull me close, which is a rich deep grey. You have to apply the polish onto one nail and then hold the magnet over it which the polish is still wet for the pattern to emerge. The areas around the pattern become darker in colour. The U shaped device has 3 patterns, called attraction arrow, line and star. 
Now while the process itself is simple, it took me a few tries to get it right. Don’t worry about the opacity of the polish; one coat is all you need to get a rich colour. The problem I encountered initially was that while trying to get the magnet close to the nail, I kept touching the polish itself. It does have a nail guard but just on one side so it didn’t help me much. Another problem for me was that since my nail is small, the star and arrow designs needed precise placement for me to get a centered effect. Most time the pattern was off to the side, which looked pretty also but not what I really wanted. 
Despite my initial issues, I got it to work a bit better for me after a few tries. This technology fascinated me a lot and I had a great time asking my coworkers to figure out how I got the desired effect. Are you a big China Glaze fan? Will you be venturing into the land of Magnetix polishes?
Happy Magnetix!


  1. super cool. Thanks for the review. Where did you purchase?

    1. Wonderful world. I usually shop at the trincity mall branch but they should be available now at all branches

  2. This is such a cool effect! I'm totally jealous of your nails! I can't get mine to grow past my finger tips for some reason. Do you use anything in particular for nail growth? :)

    1. Nope they are naturally strong but it wasn't always like that. When I was a teenager, they were really weak. On another note I'm envious of your hair!

  3. That nail design looks amazing, and your actual nails look so strong and healthy!
    Just found your blog and I'm loving it
    Defo a new follower =)

  4. this is such a cool invention!
    i never liked crackles but i like this.
    beautiful. ;)

    1. I had liked crackles at one time but i'm over that now! These i'm crazy about


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