Monday, 19 March 2012

Loudmouth Orange with Milani Mandarina

Did I mention this was the year of Tangerine Tango? Well it’s just another reason for me to wear a bright and hot orange lipstick. I don’t see myself wearing this loudmouth orange often so I didn’t want an expensive one like MAC Morange and this is where Milani Mandarina fills in. Did you notice how they both start with double M’s? Coincidence; maybe! 
The colour itself looks just a tad bit softer on application than it appears in the tube. The formula is creamy and smooth with no sparkles! Yeah!!!!!! Does anybody out there have MAC morange to compare? 
But enough of those hand swatches, let’s go brave and swipe it on with an otherwise simply done makeup face! 
Would you wear this colour? Is it too bright for me? Please share your favourite orange lippies with me! I’m on the hunt for more to share some tangerine tango love!
Happy Mandarina!


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