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Coloured Pencils or NYX Slim Eye Pencils? Add some glitter please!

Aunty! Why did you buy only 4 coloured pencils? You know I have a pack. You could have just asked to borrow mines. I share!
Kids say the darnest things right? Well this one had me literally rolling on the floor laughing. She said it with such an innocence that made it all the more frustrating to her when I laughed. When I calmed down from laughing I of course explained to her what they were and of course why she couldn’t use her own coloured pencils to line her eyes. I could sense she would try to do something like that with her new found knowledge. Anyway, introducing the NYX coloured pencils, I mean Slim eyes pencils in some vibrant colours; Electric Blue, Yellow, Purple and Acid Green. 
I just wanted some colourful liners since most of my existing collection consisted of browns and blacks. Bring some colour into my life why don’t I! Swatch time! Ok so since my niece referred to these as colour pencils, I’m not sure if her thoughts confused me but that was exactly what I thought of when I saw these swatches. 
In one swipe you get these colours, which is great right? Well unfortunately even though one swipe on the hand brought great colour, the soft, delicate skin around my eyes were not having it and it took me a few swipes on the eye area with these pencils to get the intensity of the colour I desired. I was tugging at my eyes to apply these!  It was even harder to get these colours to transfer onto the waterline. I did have such high hopes for these seemingly bright colours. :( But out of this lot, the electric blue was the easiest to work with; I got the colour in about 2 swipes.
I don’t feel like these were great to me and I’m a bit disappointed in these shades. But some good news is that NYX may be able to redeem themselves in the new glitter shades! Well I slowed down and just good one of these just to check out before I had 4 more liners that I didn’t like. 
Black glitter feels like the opposite of the 4 vibrant shades above. It goes on smoothly in one swipe and is really black but not the blackest black I’ve ever seen though. No tugging! And the glitter is nicely distributed through the colour so you get enough glitter with every stroke. 
Downside? Unfortunately yes! The glitter particles tend to fall out during the day. I guess I expected that much anyway. Black Glitter is still fun for a night out on the town.
In the meantime, I’ll be waiting on the newer NYX slide on pencils to see if they are any better than these. For now I’ll be passing along the 4 coloured ones to my niece to add to her coloured pencil collection.
Happy Colouring!


  1. Never tried those but i do have one of the glitter ones in a light pink (too lazy to find it) and its really nice but I do get some tugging on my eyes with it. the funny thing is I actually thought it was a lipliner when i got it and use it on my lips. I would def like to try the black looks so pretty!

    1. Hi Chantel! I am keeping the glitter one but if you can get your hands on the NYX slide on pencils, they are suppose to be dupes for the urban decay glide on pencils!

  2. oh I got a lime green one,same result as u:-( so I use it as a base,draw a thin line and then apply a similar colour eyeshadow over it to line the base of the eyes...

    1. Yeah i was thinking of using them for the same purpose! Cant waste them!

  3. Too bad they weren't pigmented, maybe if you use a primer?

    1. I guess I could use a base, but with pencils it's just alot to make it work right? hehe!

  4. Hahaha, love that story. :)

    1. Hi Christine! My two nieces are always full of laughs! I have some many mini stories with them and makeup!

  5. I have the same ones as you (besides the yellow and black) I'm not a glitter liner fan. I'm like you and its weird I do love the liners (Blue is my fave also) but the green comes out lighter than it looks on the pencil and the purple I haven't tried yet, hope it works great =( Thx


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