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TGIF Casual Blue with Red Pop Outfit

Hello you beautiful! This will be my first post on some of the outfits I have. I thought I would do some of these once in a while to change up the monotony of just makeup on this blog. Of course by doing these looks I hope to help inspire you and even myself to experiment with new looks both in your outfits and in your makeup. For those Trinidadian ladies it will also be informative on where you can get these clothing.
So this first look was for a casual date during the middle of the day. I took a vacation day and just wanted to be comfortable but stylish. To achieve that I just paired some simple super skinny blue jeans with a blue sequined vest. For that pop of colour my nails were in red and so were my pumps. Some very simple jewelry finished off the look. I kept the makeup strong with dark brows and dark blue eyes while a nude lip and soft blush balanced off the face. 
Vest: Westport
Jeans: Levis from BlueGrass
Shoes: Madden Girl (Amazon)
Nails: Go Crazy Red from China Glaze
Makeup: MAC Hug Me Lipstick and Playgirl Blue Satin eye-shadow

Don't mind me, I was just having some fun posing for the camera. And what would be a date without some good food? I didn’t go to TGI’s in a long time and trying their branch in Port-of-Spain was a nice change. I was so hungry I only managed to take pictures of the appetizers. 
How do you dress up for a date? Would love to know. Just looking at my food pics has me hungry so I’m off to find some more food. See you later!
Happy dating!

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