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Revlon Sculpting Blush Palette in Pink

I have never been so disappointed in a Revlon product before… until now! Maybe I chose the wrong colour for my skin-tone but there are so many other things about this palette that makes me think I should have bought some more lip butters instead.
Let’s start with what I do love about the palette. It’s simple black compact that has the same sleek look as the other Revlon photo-ready items. I find a highlighter, contour shade and blush in one palette is a great idea too. Having more blush colour in terms of quantity with smaller sections for the highlighter and contour makes perfect sense since I will use more of the blush anyway. The colours as they appear in the pan look perfectly coordinated to work with each other. You get a small brush with soft bristles in your kit to ensure you can just pop this in your bag and you’re off. 
In the sunlight
Now here is where it all goes downhill like Jack and Jill with their pail of water. Let’s start with the swatches which made me think twice from the start. The colours were all so sheer, I kept building over the initial swatch to get more colour with very little change. The pink blush is soft with gold sparkle and reminds me of an extremely sheerer version of the milani luminous. The brown contour colour is also shimmery and barely shows up brown in the swatch and not at all with my skintone. The highlighter shade had chunky glitter in it so I don’t get that candlelight effect I was hoping for. I overdid it with the highlighter one day and trying to remove the big glitter on my face was so difficult, very unflattering. I didn’t bother doing face swatches for you with this since it’s so difficult to see any colour differences with my skin-tone. 
From top to bottom: Pink blush, Brown Contour and Highlighter
I didn’t quite understand why they made all three colours with sparkle. I would have expected the contour colour at least to be matte. Now of course they also made the palette with the brush for use with it but if you do prefer your own blush brush this may cause a problem since the sections are pretty small. So if you are trying to pick up only one colour this may prove a bit difficult with the bigger blush brushes. Now I do blame myself for maybe choosing the wrong colour palette for my skintone but the sheer colours of these as well as the price of this palette makes this one not worth it for me. Hope you have better luck. I’m off to find some more pigmented blushes!
Happy Blushing!


  1. i am loving the colors :) thanks 4 vote on imbb and lovely comment :)

    1. Hi Megha! love your style! lately i have been neglecting my wardrobe for my makeup! hehe

  2. It's a very pretty and neat travel size blush kit.. but as you said really poor color pay off.. wish u better luck next purchase or at least the chance to test it out first..

    1. really wish we could test out first here! takes a told on my wallet in the process

  3. sorry it didn't work out for you.
    this post saved money for me since i was actually considering buying one myself. i appreciate your review! :)

    1. no probs Lena! although your skintone is fairer than mine so the colours may show up better for you.


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