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Lining and Defining with Revlon Colorstay Crème Gel Eyeliner & Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

New products from Revlon yeah! These are two of my favourite new ones and are great for beginners like me. 
Let’s first explore Revlon’s Colorstay crème gel eyeliner in black. It’s smooth, creamy and glides on with easy. I don’t particularly think it is super black but pigmented enough after a few passes. I love the packaging with a very useful brush to line with. While you can make a thin line with it, this is a bit difficult to do but the brush makes an excellent thick line for those cat eye dramatic looks. The only thing about this is that the pot is really small, which might actually be a positive if you want to try some other colours. I don’t think I would be able to use it up soon though. I will report back if I do. 
Do you want some eye looks now? OK! I give you the dramatic winged out eye liner using Revlon crème gel eyeliner in black. 
Ding Round Two! Introducing Revlon Photoready 3D volume mascara. This bad boy is armed with a magnificent brush with rubberized spikes even at his tip. Why does that remind me of a chain saw? 
I feel he does add length and volume to my lashes, but not sure how to judge him on being 3D. Take a look for yourself. 
Now put these two new boys on the block together and what do we have here? Well lined and defined eyes of course. Let me know how you line and define your eyes or if you want to have these two boys for yourself! 
Happy Lining & Defining!


  1. Nice look,it seems to live up to its hype.. u do see the difference.

    1. You mean the mascara? yes i guess looking at the pic again it does look nice

  2. heyyy happy monday :)
    even I'm interested in getting the gel liner :) is it good? as in does it stay for long? or does it transfer to the uppper lid!

    1. Happy monday bee! i think it's pretty good for me, but dont have mac blacktrack or any other black gel liner to compare though. I have pretty normal eyelids and it stays put for the whole day!

    2. Forgot to mention that i only get about 2 hours wear though on the waterline! Then it starts to look kinda streaky, not like the initial solid line when first applied.

    3. hey bee and naomi, is it available in India???

  3. Hey I bought those too at my last trip to Superpharm. I love the mascara, been wearing it everyday since ( Revlon has been hitting it out of the park with their mascaras recently, IN LOVE with double twist).
    The gel liner is pretty ok, I have an older version ( creme) and they are pretty much the same. The pot is really small ( makes it good for a travel bag) and the brush is OK. I dont trust those things though, forget to close it properly and it dries out.
    Hmmmm No pics with the lashes yet huh Naomi???

    1. Helloooooo! Didnt realise it was you! haha. I took pics but didnt have much time to write up the article. Maybe just some pics for my happy friday article this friday! hehe

  4. Your eyes are looking so gorgeous!!!


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